Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little Polka dot dress from Gymboree...worth $8.47? I saw it on clearance this weekend and could not resist. I bought it in a 4 so that hopefully she can wear it this summer and next...if she doesn't grow too much! It is nice and long now so hopefully...

Go ahead...enlarge this pic...complete with price tag and everything. :)

Piper's "oh woe is me" face. It is so hard being cute, isn't it?
Now we move onto her "I am so desperately sad" look.

"Candy? Did someone say candy?" Why, yes, I would love to smile for you if there is candy!

Momma just can't resist those legs. They get such great giggles!

What do you think? Worth $8.47? Of course, I will think and rethink buying it (although the tags are still on it) until someone gives me the official OK. :)


Monday, December 29, 2008

I finally got around to putting my pics on the computer...yeah! So here goes...

First things first. Mom had to have an extra coffee pot up there just in case. Well, just in case the other one wasn't big enough. So I packed my coffee pot and this was the first thing unpacked. :) And, seriously, I think it was on almost the whole time we were there. And we ended up using both coffee pots!

Piper and her "animals". Bunny and Monkey both had to go with. Classic names, right?

Raelyn and Ambry peeking over the edge of the loft. Caleb, Ambry, Raelyn, Piper, and I all slept up there. We had 2 queen beds and our own full bathroom up there!

Mom and Kaylynn eating chips and salsa.

Kaylynn, me, Jeff, Caleb, Jen, and Gerrit getting ready to go out skiing.
Kasey and Jeff after being out skiing for a couple hours.

Piper and me. I was trying to get the little stinker to sleep. This was at about 11:00 at night. I guess that is what happens on vacation, right? Good cuddle time. :)

The girls looking at pics on Kaylynn's camera.
Big smiles from Kasey...big fake one from Piper...
hugs before hitting the road.
There you have it. Some random pics from an awesome 2 day vacation. It was so much fun skiing again. I hadn't done it since we went up to Shanty Creek with the whole family, probably about 8-10 years ago at least. I had so much fun and now can not wait to go skiing again!


Monday, December 22, 2008

We made it up to Boyne Mountain safe and sound and have been having an absolute BLAST!!! I am going to have tons of pics when we get back...hopefully...I didn't have the time to take too many. We were skiing all day today. :) So much fun!

Anyway, hope no one got too snowed in at home. I am really hoping the weather is better on the way more more slippery roads. We'll have to see.

Can't wait to see everyone soon!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

For those of you who live in the Michigan area...or anywhere else close to the are probably getting hammered with a HUGE snow storm...and I mean HUGE! So here is an activity that can keep you busy for a while. All you have to do is follow this link and then you can print out as many different patterns as you want. Make a garland, hang them in the windows like I did, or hang them from a ceiling fan...just have fun!

Here are a couple pics of the ones that I have done so far. They really do look cute when I pull into the driveway and see them. Here are a couple by my front door. slider... in the window over the sink... whole window over the sink. You can't see them too good...too much light coming in from the window. But you get the idea. And check out all that snow! It is out of control!!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

So I have given into the pressure of feeling like I am left out and gotten a Facebook account. :) My sister, brother, sister-in-law, and so many other people have one of these can find almost anyone on there! So if you're feel like looking it up...head over here...sign up for an account and start "making friends" and seeing what everyone is up to. It really is fun! How is that for peer pressure?


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So apparently I do not have the advantage of being by a "nice" Walgreens! My purchases just never turn out how I want them too. Oh well. Here is what I got. I still did good, just not as well as I was hoping.
Transaction #1:
  1. 8 cans of Progresso soup (2 not pictured...we ate them) reguarly $3.00 on sale for $.99 each with in ad coupon. I used $2.00 off 4 printable coupon.
  2. 2 Coffeemate creamers B1G1 $2.49 with in ad coupon. I used 2 $1.00 printable coupons from Esther. Thanks!! I got 2 more peppermint mocha flavors that are awesome!
  3. 3 Russell Stover Private Reserve candy bags on sale $4.99 each. Used 1 B2G1 coupon from insert and sent in for $10.00 MIR.
  4. 3 boxes of Turtles on sale for $.99. This is where my purchase went wrong. They would only take one coupon and wouldn't mark down my others. I should have got all of these for free and instead paid $1.47 for 3 boxes. Oh well.

I paid $15.86 and used my gift card. I will get $10.00 back in MIR.

Transaction #2:

4 boxes of Turtles @ $.99 each. Used 2 $1.50 coupons from insert. Paid $.96 for 4 boxes.

Hopefully you will have better luck getting your turtles for free. :)


Monday, December 15, 2008

Here are my CVS buys for the week. I did it in 6 different transactions in order to take advantage of a $3.00 off $15.00 coupon that was emailed to me. Here is the order I put them in if you start out with no ECB's. You should be able to follow this and come very close. I used my own ECB's that I had, so my cash total will differ a little from what yours could be.

Transaction #1:

  1. 1 Bayer contour monitor $14.99 with $5.00 ECB
  2. 1 Bodiheat pack $3.99 with $3.00 ECB.

Used 1 CVS $3.00/$15.00, $30.00 Bayer coupon from insert (adjusted down to $14.99), 1 Bodiheat $1.00 peelie. I used no ECB's, paid $.96, and got back $5.00.

Transaction #2:
  1. 2 Dove Energy Glow lotions on clearance for $4.00 each
  2. 3 Bodiheat packs $3.99 each with $3.00 ECB's each

Used 1 $3.00/$15.00, 3 Bodiheat peelies for $1.00 off, 1 CVS crt coupon for $6.00 off any 2 Dove lotions, 2 $1.50 Dove lotion coupons from insert. Used $3.79 in ECB's, paid $1.61, and got $9.00 back.

Transaction #3:
  1. 1 Excedrin back and body $4.79
  2. 1 Excedrin PM $5.29
  3. 1 Excedrin 100 ct $10.29

I used 1 CVS $3.00/$15.00, 3 Excedrin $2.00 coupons, 1 CVS $2.50 off $10.00 pain reliever purchase coupon, $8.87 in ECB's, paid $.36, and got back $10.00 for buying $20.00 of Excedrin.

Transaction #4:

  1. 2 Soft and Dry $2.99 each with $2.00 ECB on both.
  2. 2 Colgate toothpaste $2.99 each and $2.00 ECB on both.
  3. 1 Bodiheat pack $3.99 with $3.00 back in ECB's.

I used 1 CVS $3.00 off $15.00, 2 Soft and Dry peelies, 2 Colgate $1.50 coupons, 1 Bodiheat peelie for $1.00. Used $5.69 in ECB's, paid $2.56, and got back $11.00.

Transaction #5:

6 boxes of General Mills cereal priced at 3 for $10.00. Buy $20.00 get $10.00 ECB. I used 1 CVS $3.00/$15.00, 6 $.50 off G.M. cereal, $11.97 in ECB's, paid $2.03, and got back $10.00 in ECB's.

Transaction #6:

  1. 2 St. Ives on sale for $5.00 each. Buy $10.00 get $5.00 ECB.
  2. 2 Soft and Dry deoderant on sale for $2.99 each get $2.00 back on each.

I used 1 CVS coupon $3.00/$15.00, 2 $2.00 St. Ives CVS crt coupons, $8.98 in ECB's, paid no cash, and got back $9.00 in ECB's.

Grand totals...

$114.24 worth of stuff

$39.30 ECB's used

$7.52 in cash

$54.00 back in ECB's...for a decent profit for the day. :)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ambry's last ballet class.
The pics aren't the greatest. They don't want the parents to use a flash so that way the kids don't get distracted. Ambry absolutely loved this class! It was offered through the YMCA and it was so worth it. She did really well and her teacher was awesome. So very patient with about 6 little girls who just wanted to run and jump. :)

Here she is stretching with all the other little girls. She is the one in the heart leotard.

Here she is doing a plie (not sure if I spelled that one right).
I can not wait for her to take another class. She LOVED taking this one at the Y. I would definitely recommend their classes for beginners. She had such a good time.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Here is my Target purchase that I did for the week:

**1 Target Luminaire products on sale for $6.99. Use the $5.00 cpn from this week's paper to get it for free.

**6 Keebler cookies on sale $2.50 each. Buy 5 and get a $5.00 Target gift card. Also use the cpns here to sweeten the deal.

**Bissell vacuum for $75.00. I am finally breaking down and buying a new vacuum. I have been looking on craigslist for a decent one, but you just don't know what could possibly be at those other houses. Our vacuum nearly breaks your ear drums when you turn it on it is so loud and just doesn't quite suck like it should. This one is a newer version of the one that we have and as far as cheap vacuums go, I really like these. This one lasted 5 years and I'm hoping this new one will too.

**3 Johnson Buddies soaps at $.97 each. Use $3.00 off 3 cpn from paper.

**1 Johnson Soft Lotion trial size $.99, use $1.00 coupon from paper.

My purchase came to $101.49 + $4.55 (tax)=$106.04 - $25.00 in cpns ($6.00 Keebler cpns, $5.00 Luminaire, $1.00 Johnson, $3.00 off 3 Johnson, $10.00 off $100.00 Target cpn) and $2.17 Target gift card leftovers = $78.87! Basically got everything for free with buying the vacuum. And I even got a $5.00 Target gift card back from the cookies. Woohoo!


Some of the deals at Meijer this week that I did.

**Coffeemate creamer is on sale for $.99. Use either of these coupons here and get it for $.24-$.45! I would definitely recommend the Peppermint Mocha flavor. I tried it after Tracy recommended it, and it is so yummy!

**Quaker granola bars are on sale for $1.50. Use the $1.00 off Quaker Simple Harvest cpn to get them for $.50 a box. The cpn says it includes chewy granola bars on it. I did this already and it worked just fine.

**Quaker Breakfast Squares--same deal as above. Look inside any boxes of Quaker oatmeal that you have. I found $1.00 cpns in mine. This would make them $.50 a box.

**Land O Lakes margarine is 5 for $5.00. Use either the $.55 cpn from paper or from here to get it for $.45 a tub! Bonus--these tubs work really well for making jam in the summer. So make sure to save them either for yourself or feel free to send them my way. :)

**Chex cereal is on sale 3 for $8.00 and get an instant $3.00 off at register. I bought 6 boxes=$16.00-$6.00 instantly=$10.00-3 $1.00 off 2=$7.00 for 6 boxes of Chex cereal! We will be eating lots of puppy chow and chex mix for a while. Yeah!

**B1G1 bags of oranges. The bags that I got were really sweet and seedless which works out so well for the kids.

That is all for Meijer that I did this week. I have quite a bit of a stockpile going which I am going to share later on this week. This is such a good idea to do at this time when money isn't exactly pouring in. :) As always, happy deal hunting!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Since it has been a while since I last updated, this will be kind of long. :)

I missed Thanksgiving but here are a couple of pics. We went first to Caleb's parents and then up to my mom's for dinner. My dad was in Colorado, so we didn't have to make 3 stops. Anyway, I missed out on pics at Caleb's parents house. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh well. So here are some from my mom's.

Don't they look so cute? I can not wait to get a piano. Some day...Piper LOVES to sing! She loves are kinds of music. I can put on just about any genre of music and she will "sing" along to it.

Poppi showing Piper the cat. This cat is incredible. You can hold it anyway you want and it won't do anything. Rosie carries it around like a baby with it's legs sticking straight up in the air and it just chills. Check out how Piper is holding the cat. It's hind legs are barely touching the floor and it's head is almost in a headlock. Of course, Piper thought it was great...the cat probably had other ideas!

Look at that poor thing! Rosie was trying to hold up it's head for a pic. :)
Lots of posts to come in the next few days. Deals of the week, Ambry's last ballet class (which she loved! She wants to do cheerleading next. I have such girly-girls and I LOVE it!), and more!

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just some quickie last minute Meijer deals for this week:

Poptarts on sale for $1.33 a box. Use $1.00 off 2 from paper and $1.00 off 2 Meijer crt coupon=$.33 a box!

Buy any 3 Hanes products (check store) get $10.00 off instantly. (Thanks Esther!!) I bought Piper 3 pkgs of panties at $3.99 each (3 in a pkg)=9 panties for $2.00 + tax! Ambry's size were on sale for $4.99 for a 9 pk of panties and socks were $3.99 for 6 pairs=$4.00 + tax for 18 pairs of panties and 6 pairs of socks!!

Bird's Eye veggies on sale 3/$4.00. Use $1.00 off here. Can print twice. Also, if you have the $1.50 off 1 from the paper a couple weeks ago, those were working for the veggies too.=profit of $.17 or $.33 a bag!


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just a quick note...if you have not tried this coffee creamer, you definitely should. So yummy! Caleb even liked it and he usually drinks his coffee black with just a little bit of sugar.

I got this pic from here from someone else who also liked this creamer. Also, there is a pumpkin spice creamer that is just as good, if not better...especially in hot chocolate! Enjoy! :)


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