Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just about everyone is finally better over here now. I was sick all last week, Caleb was not feeling so hot a couple days and now Gerrit has it. The only person it looks like it has to hit yet is David. Did I mention that we have another body living in our house now? I can't remember. Honestly...I was seriuosly hallucinating last week. That is how sick I was. I thought I had fed Piper, but I hadn't yet. I thought I had put Ambry to bed, but I didn't. I lost my house payment somewhere in my house. Really, I did. That is how sick I was. That is the first bill I think I have ever lost. Talk about not feeling good! Anyway, we have a full house now. No more bedrooms to give out. Unless we absolutely have to! :)

It has been going pretty good with the two little daycare kids too. Ambry and Toby get along really well and Piper and Natallie get along. It really works out. For the most part everyone plays together really well. I am still having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to being home 24/7 but I will get there...hopefully.

Caleb poured a bunch of concrete at our house last week. We now have a third stall on our driveway, a nice new walkway up to the house, and a walkway from our backdoor out to the pool. It looks really nice. I didn't take any pictures yet because it isn't quite done yet...and because it is 10:30 at night and I don't think any pics would turn out all that well. I'll take some tomorrow though. If I remember!

Hope your car is all better, Holly! Kaylynn told me the poor thing was maybe done for. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! Stay cool. It is supposed to be another scorcher!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

So today is supposed to be my easy day, right? Just Joseph today to watch. No big deal, right? Until Ambry woke up this morning at 4:30 throwing up. The poor girl. I had woken up to use the bathroom, thought our ceiling was leaking, turned on the light to inspect the ceiling only to then see Ambry's pj's on the sink looking suspiciously damp. She then woke up from the light being turned on and proceeded to tell me that she had gone potty in her pj's. She did try to clean it up with her towel though. Little sweetheart.
I finally get that all cleaned up and hop back in bed only to be woken up about a half hour later by Ambry gagging. She was sleeping on her back in our bed and I don't even want to think about what would have happened if she had been in her own bed. Anyways, I quickly rolled her over and then ran with her to the bathroom. Throwing up ensues. Tuck her back into bed with us again. Get up again about ten minutes later because Piper woke up and is crying and hungry. Feed her and hop back into bed now stuffed full with four people. Caleb's alarm goes off at 5:45 and now everyone is wide awake again. So instead of trying to get two very wide awake little girls back to sleep, we all get up. According to her, she needs to go to the dentist to feel better. Talk about a great start to the day!
So please pray for Ambry to get better today. I really hope she is better by tomorrow because I have the other two kids that I started watching this week back again tomorrow. I think I am going to call their mom though and let her know what's going on. Maybe she will want to keep them home for the day...hopefully. Hope everyone is having a better Thursday than poor Ambry today!


Monday, July 16, 2007

So I survived my first day of daycare. It didn't go too bad. The kids all listened fairly well. Guess who got the first timeout of the day? That's right. Ambry. My own kid! How ridiculous. Naptime went pretty good. Piper and Natallie (the 19 month old little girl) went down after lunch at about the same time. Piper only slept for an hour but Natallie slept for about 3 hours. Nice! Ambry and Toby (the 4 year old little boy) "watched" a movie downstairs. They did more playing and running around though. We will definitely have to work on that.

We had no cable today since the people who buried our new telephone wire today cut through the cable line. So very nice of them! So we made it all day on just playing and one movie at rest time. Not bad at all. Tomorrow we are going to get together a reading list and have a little bit of reading added to the day. I think every day we will try something new to keep the kids busy and occupied.

I even got to play with Cody today a little bit. Cody is my Webkinz that Kasey got for me. (Thanks Kasey!!!) I also organized my hallway closet which needed it really bad. I am such a horrible pack rat. I keep every little scrap of paper that I think could ever possibly be important. Now it is nice and neat and I couldn't be happier.

It is definitely a huge change trying to get used to picking up something right when we are done using it. I am really trying to stress on the kids to pick up when they are done with the toys that they were playing with before they get out a new one. That way we don't have near as many things to pick up at the end of the day. I have a really hard time with that. I am horrible with picking up after lunch, dinner, etc. I tend to leave it "until I have time" which for me is generally when Caleb complains about it. We did pretty good today with cleaning up right away. My house is clean again for tomorrow which is nice to start out the day without rushing around and picking up. I even went for a run tonight. And that is saying a lot. I am going to try to start running every night whether it is for ten minutes or half an hour. I figure some time set aside just to kind of relieve the stress of the day will help immensely. The only problem is that it is now 11:30 and here I sit. I am way too wired to go to bed. Hopefully by the end of the week that will change and I will just be too tired to stay awake any longer.

I hope tomorrow goes as good as today did! Here is a pic from today of Piper. The cutie pie didn't take one good pic without sticking her tongue out.

Oh, and here is the girl's rooom so far. Mom came over and gave me a couple ideas for moving it around a little differently to make it "flow" better. But for now, this is how I have it set up. So far it has been going pretty good. And I love having the computer out of the living room. Not sure why that bugged me so much, but I definitely like it better in the toy room (Piper's old room).

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All right, it is official. I am in desperate need of a good schedule. Either that or some light sleeping pills. I don't know what my deal is, but it is now 1:30 in the morning and I am still wide awake! How ridiculous!

On the up side, I did find a bunch of free printables for daycare. Things for schedules, "how my day went" for their mom, permission slips, contact forms... I now have everything all set and ready. All covered. Now hopefully the kids are happy and ready tomorrow. I found some pinto beans in my cupboard, and since the one time I tried to make homemade refried beans, they turned out to be the most awfullest thing ever, I am going to use them to make shakers with the kids tomorrow. Good first day craft, right? I hope so.

Now I need to go to bed. Or at least try to. It is now 1:37 a.m. So much for a good night's sleep, huh? Oh well. I guess I will be drinking a lot of coffee tomorrow. And now I need to quit rambling and make myself go to bed!

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You will never believe what Kasey got me! A Webkinz! You''re probably thinking what in the world is a Webkinz and why in the world an I so excited about it? Well, I will tell you. They are only the coolest thing ever! She got me the lion and we named it Cody. These things are so much fun. You buy the little stuffed animal--kind of like a beanie baby--take it home, and log onto their website. Each animal comes with it's own code and you use that to start an account. You have to name your pet, decide whether it is male or female, feed it, play with it, decorate it's room, etc. They have a bunch of games that you play to earn money to buy their food or medicine when they are sick or furniture for their room. I am telling you, these are the coolest thing ever! I have been playing with it non stop. Very, very bad! Now that I have my own, it might get worse...

I also start watching two more kids this week for daycare. They are a brother and sister, ages 4 and 19 months. I am praying that it all goes okay. My first day is tomorrow. I will be starting a serious schedule that my girls will also be sticking to. Otherwise with 4 kids in the house, I might just lose it. :)

David moved in this weekend also (Caleb's younger brother). Now both of our bedrooms in the basement are rented out. Gerrit is in the other one. I moved the toy room upstairs into Piper
s bedroom and put Piper in Ambry's room. If I don't lose my mind tomorrow, I will upload pics of their room together. Mom came over today and gave me some better ideas on trying to work with their furniture being both in one room so hopefully I can get that done tomorrow as well.

If anyone has any good ideas for keeping kids occupied, i.e. crafts, and such like, let me know! I am definitely going to need all the good ideas I can get my hands on. To those of you who don't know how to leave comments--Kasey and mom--click on where it says "comments" at the bottom of each section (before the last day ended) and then you can leave little comments on there. Fun, right?

Hope everyone has a good Monday! Yes, that is right...I am updating my blog at 12:30 in the morning. Can you say, very bad schedule? I will also be putting myself on a strict schedule because I have zero ability of putting myself to bed. There are just way too many exciting things happening late at night...like playing Webkinz!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

How horrible, awful, very bad have I been about putting up new pics on here?!? I guess my only excuse is that we have been enjoying the gorgeous weather that we have been having lately. We spend a lot of time out by the pool or just playing outside. I haven't been very good about checking emails either. When I checked it this morning, I had 254 emails in my inbox. Pretty bad. Oh well.

Kaylynn stopped over at my house when I was rocking Piper to sleep and took this picture of us. This is what I do pretty much every night with her to get her to sleep. Talk about being spoiled. But that is all going to stop. Last night was the first night that I let her cry herself to sleep. It was a good thing that there were people here because I don't know if I could have done it otherwise. Let's hope I can do it again tonight. Otherwise before I know it, she will be ten and I will still be rocking her to sleep. :)

Nana (my mom) came over last week after I took Kasey, Rosie, Ambry, and Piper to the Gardens and she brought push pops for the girls to share. Ambry took that very literally and shared hers with Piper. There definitely weren't any complaints from Piper about that thoough.


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