Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Update after 2 year absence

Life has been very busy over here, especially lately.  We found out last week we are going to be growing by not just one more baby, but two more!  We are having twin boys!  Here are some pics from our fun reveal party that we did.

Here are the awesome cakes that Esther made for us.
 Dad and Beth gave Dean a pic of the first car Dad had when he got married.  Dean now carries it everywhere with him.
 Hmmm...who's belly is bigger?
 22 weeks!
 Piper cutting the first cake!
 It's a boy!

 Oh my!  It is 2 boys!

 Aunt Esther's super cute purchase--2 matching onesies for the boys.

Ambry is going to be helping me keep this updated this year.  I don't want to miss a minute of this year and all the fun and exciting changes coming for our family.  

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