Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roasting marshmallows...

My idea of an awesome night...Caleb building a fire, cuddling with the girls, daddy reading his girls some books, me getting to read my book, then getting out the shish-ka-bob sticks and roasting some marshmallows. LOVE it!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Our "picnic" dinner

Courtesy of Ambry...plates, forks, knives, spoons, the girls china tea set, and the Bible. And courtesy of Piper...some game tokens of everyone's plates that she called marshmallows. :)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seriously? Crazy!

The video will start after a 20 second ad and is about 7:00 long or so. Get your kids and watch it together. It is so cool!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Congrats Dustin and Robyn on your gorgeous new little girl!

I couldn't believe it, but Piper was the one who wanted to hold baby Katelyn the longest! I thought for sure it would be Ambry. Hopefully that means I will have two awesome little helpers once our new one gets here.


Monday, January 11, 2010

End of first week for January Budget Challenge

First pic is what I got from CVS on Saturday, minus one Cottonnelle that is suppposed to be with this weeks deals. The Special K and Electrasol was from Wags. Altogether the stuff in the pic cost me $4.57! Considering one box of Electrasol regular price is $4.99, I thought that was a phenomenal deal!
And my last trip to Meijer and Wags for the week. The Neosporin, Glucerna, Tresemme, "poppers", pen, Electrasol, and 2 boxes of Special K are from Wags. Everything else was from Meijer. That would have been so much easier to type if I had typed Meijer first...oh well. :) Anyway, I spent a $8.48 at Meijer for 22 yogurts and 5 boxes of cereal and then got $2.00 back for OYNO. At Wags I spent $1.32! So happy for good deals. And now I am once again, completely stocked up on cereal.

So for my first week my total out of pocket spending came to $54.29! Only $4.29 over what I was aiming for. Not too shabby, I thought. Hopefully next week goes just as good...


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Piper and her "friends"
I think this child has one of the most amazing imaginations ever! Here she is with our toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, and handtowel. From those things, she has tucked the toothbrushes, or her friends as she calls them, into bed using the handtowel and is pretending to put lotion on them. The best part? She has named some of them. There is Erin, Lisa, Lana, and Jason. And, no, I have NO idea where she came up with the names.

LOVE this pic. She was more than happy to share her friends with me. "I have wots of wends, mommy!" meaning I have lots of friends. So cute. Every night I tell her to go and brush her teeth she spends at least 5 minutes playing with her friends.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

The **EDITED** $100.00 a month $200.00

So it is Thursday and so far this is what I have bought, minus a couple of tomatoes, some cucumbers, a head of lettuce, 4 Sunday papers, and some icecream. This brings my total spending for the week to $36.54. I am hoping to get back $5.67 of that for a coupon that was inputted wrong. They put $.62 instead of $6.29. Big difference if you ask me. Unfortunately I didn't catch it until I was all ready home.

Now I know what you are thinking--Esther--and, no, we didn't survive on Cheerios and coffee creamer all week. :) For the kids it was cold cereal, until today since I ran out of milk, and oatmeal for Caleb and I. Lunch has been a variety of things from egg salad to peanut butter and jelly to quesadillas. I had a TON of bananas from last week and those will last us through the weekend. Dinners have been tacos, enchiladas, and pizza sandwhiches. Any other fruit that we eat is taken from my canning supply downstairs.

I have enough of a food storage that I can typically buy to fill in the wholes. Notice the roasts that are in the pic. They were on sale and will be perfect for our Sunday lunch. So even though I bought them this week they will be eaten over the next couple of weeks for sure. Some snack fillers that I got were the cucumbers, yogurt, and Cheerios. It doesn't sound like much but when you have a fridge full of food--so much you can't find room for leftovers!!--you know you have plenty of food. So I don't worry too much about buying certain things. I figure there is plenty of stuff to eat it is just a matter of wanting to eat it. :)

So there you have it. Maybe not a list of specific deals but at least a pic of most everything I got. I am hoping to head to Wags one more time this week, get my money back hopefully and then turn around and use it one some of the other deals that I didn't get there this week. And just in case you are wondering about the uppage (is that even a word?) in the budget, I did not think it was feasible to make it on $25.00 a week especially since my food storage is not what it used to be. So from now on, $50.00 a week should be plenty...hopefully...


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ambry's (and mine) 1st play

Esther, Lula, Ambry, and I all went to see the play "Cinderella" a couple of weeks ago. The girls thought it was great for the first 15 minutes or so. They still liked the play but I think they were slightly unimpressed with how long it actually was. I think they were more excited for intermission and some candy snacks. I thought it was great though.

Esther and I both pretty much agreed that we'll try again in a couple of years. Maybe by then, they will be more impressed. And, hopefully, be able to sit in their seats the whole time. :)


Friday, January 01, 2010

January Challenge
I saw this challenge on Money Saving Mom and thought it looked great...until I looked at my pantry and food storage and realized I couldn't make it a whole month on what I have stored up. Food has seemed to disappear around here at an alarming rate recently. Or maybe it is because I just haven't been up to doing all the deals as much as I used to. Either way, I just don't think a whole month is possible.
But what I am going to try to do is do it for two weeks out of the month and be on a strict budget for the month. I am going to try to spend $100.00 for the month. Yikes! That is scary actually having it in print, but I'm hoping I can do it. I will try to post some of our meals on here and also how much I have spent for the week and let you know the deals that I have gotten. I have really slacked off on that in the last six months.
The only things I am going to try to stick to buying is fresh meat since that is not something I have stored up, milk, bread, eggs, fresh veggies, and a minimal of fresh fruit since I have a good amount and variety of fresh fruit canned.
If you think you can do the whole month, you can sign up on Money Saving Mom's website. Otherwise if you are like me and just don't have a ton of food stored up but have a decent amount, then feel free to join me this month as I try to follow a very strict budget and at the same time clear out the pantry/food storage to make room for new.


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