Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Haircut (tear, tear, sob)

Yes, my handsome man needed a haircut. Yes, it was getting waaay too long.  BUT, I miss those curls!  I am hoping it was grow out very quickly and he will soon have his long, curly locks again.  Just not quite to the extent that he did have.  After all, he did have 3 inches cut off!
Check out those bangs!
Some of his hair littering the floor.  :(
My handsome man!  He doesn't even look like the same little boy!
Piper giving him a hug.  
Dean did awesome getting his hair cut.  He sat there the whole time while the lady clipped and buzzed all of his hair off.  Although, when we got done, he kept feeling his head.  He wasn't too impressed with what he didn't find.  I think he even missed his long, curly locks. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Working with Daddy

I have a new found love of all things made with pallets! Caleb was able to snag a couple of pallets for me and with the "help" of the kids, made a work bench for me by the garden. Of course, I didn't take a pic of it, because I'm lazy like that. But at least I have proof of the work that was done to make it.

Because of this project, Caleb showed me how to use his miter least I think that is what it is called...all I know is it cuts wood.  :)  I then took another pallet, took it apart, and made a crate.  Yup, no pics of that either, but I will try to take one in the next few days...or maybe more realistically, the next couple weeks.  lol

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Mud Run 2012

Piper and I did the Mud Run this year and it was a blast!  Ambry and I were supposed to go together but we had to have a change of plans due to poor Ambry breaking her wrist the week before.  Seriously, can not wait to, Lord willing, do this again next year!!!

 Piper and myself at the end of the race.  Check out that mud!  Woot woot!  So much fun!
 Check out those shoes!  Still can't believe I was able to clean the mud off those things!
 Piper getting ready to be hosed off.  We had to hose off before we could even hit the showers.  :)

Soooo much fun!  And the more the merrier!  Hoping to get more people to do this next year!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ambry's cast and her pet bunny, Candy

Ambry broke her arm on Septmber 26 this year.  She was rollerblading with her cousin, Sage.  She isn't the best rollerblader to begin with, and for some reason thought she could use a bat for balance as she rollerbladed to the park.  She made it all of a hundred feet from our house before she fell.  I happened to look down the road and saw her sitting on the ground with Sage.  I walked down there with Dean, helped her take off her rollerblades, and walked back home with her.  She didn't complain too much about her arm, just that it hurt to move it.  I had her ice it when we got back home, but within about 15 minutes, she said that it was really starting to hurt.  That was when I noticed how swollen it was.  I ended up taking her to the ER that night, and after 3 hours of waiting, x-rays being taken, we were told she had broken both bones in her wrist.  She got sent home in a temporary cast and an arm sling.

The next day, I called an orthopedic specialist, got her in the next day, and after another set of x-rays we were told that her break was clean on her radius, but her ulna was bent about 15 degrees off of where it should be.  That was why her arm was angled funny.  We were told we could either have it set back in place in the office while they wrapped her arm in the cast, or we would have to go to an out service place, have her put under, and then while she was under, they would be able to set her arm.  We chose option 1.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as quick and painless as we were hoping.  The poor girl almost passed out when the doctor set her arm.  Poor honey!   
Fast forward 5 weeks and she now has her cast off, and just has to wear a wrist immobilizer--fancy wording for a wrist guard--for 2 more weeks.  She is running around playing soccer and has been able to start writing out her homework herself.  So much better than me writing it out for her!  So thankful that she seems to be healing just fine and that she is almost back to normal!

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