Friday, March 26, 2010

Piper being...well, Piper being Piper
Here she is with a flower headband on, some sunglasses from the Fourth of July, a sparkly shawl shirt of some kind, and a Chinese calendar that she said she needed to wrap up her foot. Hmmm. Sure, Piper, whatever you say.

See, Mom? I wrapped up my foot! All said with the biggest, cheesiest grin ever. Oh, this child cracks me up! If you can believe it, she does something like this at least once a day. On the same day, I also caught her in the bathroom with some lotion that she was trying to "feed" to her belly button because her belly button was hungry! What?!? I laughed so hard. :)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marathon OAMC (Once-A-Month-Cooking) Day...

About a week ago, Tara, Robyn, and I got together to try out this once a month cooking deal. And I have to say, it has been awesome having meals to pull out of the freezer and not even have to think about making dinner. So far, everything has tasted awesome and has turned out.

Tara being Tara. :)

Here are all of my chicken meals. I ended up with 12 meals. Some were doubled-like the chicken pot pie-and some were even tripled-like the BBQ Chicken. Yummy!
Here are all of my beef meals. I ended up with 10 of these...I think...since it has been a little while and I don't remember how many I made. The white wrapped thingys are actually burritos and have been a huge favorite around here. They are wrapped up in paper towels so they can be pulled out of the bags individually.

Next month, there will be a couple of changes. The goulash and shepherds pie will definitely make 2 meals for my family, so when I make those again, I will split them up. Other than that, I don't think I will change a thing. Like I said, everything has been so yummy and has been freezing and unfreezing fine. I highly recommend trying this out. It is such a huge timesaver and so nice being about to grab a home cooked meal out of the freezer!


Friday, March 12, 2010

A guessing game
Think you can guess what this is? Here are some hints:
  1. The girls and I think it stinks, while Caleb doesn't mind the smell
  2. It can be harvested
  3. It also can cause a very big and nasty mess if it spills
If you can guess what this is, you win my congratulations. Unless you live close by me then you can win a box of cereal. :) How is that for a giveaway? Woo-hoo! I can feel the excitement already! I have quite a few nummy choices for cereal and I know you're just dying to guess.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 6 foot snowman...again
I say again because Caleb builds this snowman with the girls every winter. They get so excited when he comes home from work and calls them outside to come and help him build it. He doesn't call me because he knows I probably won't come. A fan of winter, I am NOT! So I go outside once they are done just to take pictures. Works out good for me and good for the girls since they get to show it to me when they are done.

Here is the link to when he did this last year with the girls. Not to much different other than I think last year's was a little bit more inventive. And that one didn't get knocked over. :( The girls were so upset this year when they woke up and saw the snowman knocked over. Apparently some kids came during the night and pushed it over. Tears ensued and both Caleb and I were not very happy. Why someone would do that is beyond me. But at least we got to enjoy looking at it for a few days.


Monday, March 08, 2010

One of the girls favorite things to do...
Both of the girls love to read! Another favorite activity of their's is building "forts" or "beds". Lately they have been taking all of the cushions off of the couches in the living room, covering them with their blankets, and then laying or sitting there for hours reading books. And when I say hours, I literally mean, hours!
Piper is "reading" the story to me here. Look at how hard she is trying. :)

Look like pretty comfortable beds, right? It is so much fun when they do stuff like this because it gives me time to get some much needed cleaning done...or some reading done myself. And if you have seen my house lately, you know I have chosen the reading. :)


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ambry's Valentine's Day card to Piper and me...a little, teeny, tiny bit late...
And by late, I don't mean Ambry's card to Piper and me. I mean that I am getting these pics up a little late. Again, whoops! Anyways, Piper and I had been running errands all day while Ambry spent the day with Caleb. When I got home, she had this gigantic card all ready for us.

Say it together..."Aawwww! How cute!" And, yes, it was so cute and sweet of her. Ambry is like that. Such a little sweetheart.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ambry's idea of teaching school to Piper
First, there is book reading. Ambry is so patient with her and will typically read to her as many books as Piper wants. It works out great for me since it occupies both of them and I count that as Ambry's reading for the day. It is amazing how much she has improved this year!
Next, they move onto writing. She goes over the letters with Piper and tries to get her to write them by herself.

Look at the concentration! :)
I think it is so cute how well they get along and how much they love helping each other and doing stuff with each other. Not to mention the added benefits of Piper hopefully picking up a lot of writing skills on the way. :)


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sorry Aunt KK for taking so long getting up pics for you! I know I promised them weeks ago, but I have been a huge slacker. What with getting the house clean and ready to put up for sale, that has been taking up most of my time. Also, I have been doing "deals" a lot more than usual lately. Not sure why, other than the fact that I am addicted to getting stuff for free or very close to it. Seriously, I need help. :)

But anyways, here are some pics for you and I have lots more all ready to go over the next few days. Sorry it took so long!!!

This is a covered wagon like from the book "Little House on the Prairie" that Caleb built with the girls. He used a box, some wire coat hangers, K'nex wooden pieces for the wheels, a Barbie horse to pull the wagon, Polly Pockets for the characters, and scraps of an old sheet that he cut for the cover of the wagon. Pretty inventive, right?

I need to take a pic of the finished product. It has been done for a little while and the girls still have it in their room and love playing with it. Love having such an awesome hubby and dad that will make things like that with the girls!


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