Friday, March 12, 2010

A guessing game
Think you can guess what this is? Here are some hints:
  1. The girls and I think it stinks, while Caleb doesn't mind the smell
  2. It can be harvested
  3. It also can cause a very big and nasty mess if it spills
If you can guess what this is, you win my congratulations. Unless you live close by me then you can win a box of cereal. :) How is that for a giveaway? Woo-hoo! I can feel the excitement already! I have quite a few nummy choices for cereal and I know you're just dying to guess.


Yeast? I hope it didn't spill!
Congratulations to the one person who guessed! Yeah! You are right. And it only spilled a little bit. But what did spill was the most disgusting, nastiest stuff ever.

So let me know what kind of cereal you would like. :)
It looks like brownie mix. :)
Shows how much I know.
looks like poo to me :-(

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