Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quick Update

Since it has been quite a while since I put up new posts, I thought I would update you a little on what has happened. Dean turned 2, Piper turned 6, Dean got stitches on the back of his head (he's fine), Ambry broke her wrist rollerblading (she's fine), the girls got pet bunnies, we started a new school year, our longtime daycare kids moved away, we got a new daycare kid...I think that is all. If I remember more, I will post it. Whew! And, now, onto the pics. Since I wasn't sure where to begin, I am going to post some from this Saturday and work my way backwards as time allows.
I had a free picture coupon to use on Saturday, so we were dressed up and I thought it would be a perfect time to quick snap a couple pics of everybody.  First up, is Dean and Daddy having a little snack before we left. 

 My beautiful Ambry.  She is growing up so very quickly!
 Piper was NOT in the mood for her pic to be taken.  Stinker!
 Dean and his flowing locks.

 Say a quick "hello" to the curls.  They are most likely getting cut off this week if I can get him in for an app.  It is getting to the point where his hair is starting to fall into his eyes.  :)
 The girls weren't in the mood for anymore together pics.  They wanted to go play with our new neighbors.  And guess what?!?  They homeschool too! 
 And, last, a couple cute ones of the three kidlets all together.

Hopefully I can eke out a little time in the next few days to continue to upload pics!  I have really missed having pics on here.  It is such a nice and easy way to keep track of all of my pics!

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