Sunday, August 16, 2009

Piper and Grandma sewing bean bags for Baggo. Need I say more? So cute. Definitely thinking of taking a sewing class this winter. I would love to be able to start showing Ambry how to sew.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Piper's 3rd birthday...a couple of days late. :)

We gave her presents to her right when she woke up.

"Dora and Go Diego!" She never says just "Diego".

Hugging the box...

...hugging and thanking Ambry.

Kasey, Rosie and Nana stopped by to go swimming with Piper for a while and to let her open her gift.

They got her this cool Build-a-bear that you have to sew yourself, dress, and then there are also all kinds of decorations to sew onto the clothes. There are bows that can be made for her hair...all kinds of cute things.

And, of course, the cake. We tried for a princess themed one this year.

Take 1 of Piper and cake...
...Take 2 of Piper and cake...

...Take 3 of Piper and cake...
...and then I gave up. Too much excitement and people running around. Oh well. Not to mention Ambry trying to get in on the pic in her winter coat. Still not sure why she had that on.
Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated her birthday with us!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Wags trip today. Awesome deals! I spent $.90 in cash, used $18.00 in RR, and got back $17.00 in RR. Woot! I definitely helps when you can find $.10 fillers--little buttons that are no good to us but that can be thrown in the garage sale. Plus 2 pairs of flip flops for the girls. Can't beat that!

Here is what you see:

2 packs of bandaids

2 Neo-to-go

2 Listerine kid's mouthwash

2 packs of M & M (my orders were negative twice so I quick grabbed those)

4 pins at $.10 each. great fillers!

2 pairs of flip flops at $.49 each. great time to pick up a couple of pairs. my girls live in these all summer long.

2 Colgate toothpastes

I spread this stuff out over 3 purchases. A little tedious with 4 kids with me but all went well. :)


Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday much fun and so very cute...
I LOVE Ambry's hair like this. Since her hair is so very thick it looks so very cute. I use "rags" to make her hair so curly. Notice the clip in the hair? That is actually mine and it can barely hold back her hair. I can only pull back the sides and have to pull back just the top hairs so the clip will stay in place. Aunt KK, her hair reminds me so much of yours!

Piper's hair gets curly from some rollers. Her hair bounces up so is over halfway down her back and bounces up to above her shoulders.

Piper's hair after her curls have been spread out a little bit.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

I saw this video on this blog and was amazed. Take the time to watch it. Then head over here and read her post about the video.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2 mason jars...
7 fireflies...
52 mosquito bites...
tons of laughter and fun with my 2 favorite girls...

I love this...Ambry holding Piper's hand and trying to help her find a firefly for her jar.

Piper waving bye to the fireflies. We let them all go before we went in for the night.


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