Friday, August 14, 2009

Piper's 3rd birthday...a couple of days late. :)

We gave her presents to her right when she woke up.

"Dora and Go Diego!" She never says just "Diego".

Hugging the box...

...hugging and thanking Ambry.

Kasey, Rosie and Nana stopped by to go swimming with Piper for a while and to let her open her gift.

They got her this cool Build-a-bear that you have to sew yourself, dress, and then there are also all kinds of decorations to sew onto the clothes. There are bows that can be made for her hair...all kinds of cute things.

And, of course, the cake. We tried for a princess themed one this year.

Take 1 of Piper and cake...
...Take 2 of Piper and cake...

...Take 3 of Piper and cake...
...and then I gave up. Too much excitement and people running around. Oh well. Not to mention Ambry trying to get in on the pic in her winter coat. Still not sure why she had that on.
Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated her birthday with us!

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