Friday, March 30, 2012

A Trip to Blandford Nature Center
A couple weeks ago--already?!? time is flying lately!--the kidlets and I went on a field trip to see how maple syrup is made. And now looking at my pics, I am so mad at myself I didn't take more. Oh well.
This cool wooden "thing" was right at the front of the nature center. Sorry, I don't know what it is called, I just thought it was neat looking.

Check out these cool little trees. They were scattered all over and I thought they looked like so much fun. I wanted to pick one up and take it home to plant it, but our guide lady was a stickler about not going anywhere near them. Stinker. :)

The teepee that some boy scouts built to look just like the ones that the Indians used to live in. They did an amazing job! The kids loved being able to go inside.
Here are the kids listening to the story about how the sap was discovered in the trees by the Indians and how they loved it's sweet taste. (Please ignore Piper's finger in her mouth. I think she was bound and determined to lick off every piece of maple sugar that the guide had given them to taste.)
Ambry getting her turn to drill into the maple tree.
Piper taking her turn.

This was such a fun trip, and the kids--and me!--learned so much about how they make maple syrup. We bought a bottle of the finished product to take home and that stuff has got to be the tastiest syrup I have ever had!


Monday, March 19, 2012

A Trip to the "Beach"
It is so nice having a beach-like area to go to, especially with the weather still as awesome as it has been. I can't believe that we were able to even go there and it is still March!!

"Look, Aunt Tracy! Ducks!" Well, it didn't quite sound like that. It sounded more like "phssslke shekthsket DUCKS!"
And this was all said while he was holding the ducks food, refusing to give it to them, and chowing down on it himself. Good thing it wasn't moldy. Just a little crunchy. :)

Yeah for the awesome weather!! I'm hoping to even sneak in a little picnic this week too! What plans are you making?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gorgeous weather=family bike rides
Dean loves his bike carrier! And I couldn't be happier that we were able to splurge and get the carrier at Costco. This carrier is a champ!

Dean LOVES the slides!

Check out that awesome hair!
And here are some pics that show why I don't normally let Caleb have a camera. I promise, no children were hurt in the taking of these pics!

Have no fear, Dean is not about ready to just fall off of my lap. It is just Caleb's awesome picture taking. I shouldn't knock his skills, I just couldn't help it when I saw these pics. :)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A phone conversation distraction brought on some disgusting goo
Me, "Bry, I'll be off the phone in a few minutes. Can you please find something to do?"
Ambry, "Can I make something?"
Me, "I don't care. I'm talking to the insurance people and I have to focus on what they are saying. Just go make what you want."
Roughly 10 minutes later, the girls proudly show me the goo they have made. To which I said, that looks disgusting, but thanks so much for finding something to do while I figured out our insurance issues. Although, I think I will ask next time what they are going to make. :)


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