Friday, January 28, 2011

When all else fails to make him happy...

...stick him in a box. :)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Home Remodel...still :)
Here is the new fireplace all installed. Caleb and his Uncle David made it out of concrete. Awesome!!

Caleb working on getting the hardwood floor installed.

A pic of the fireplace before the tv was installed and the green carpet was still in.

The finished bathroom/laundry room. Ignore the mess of tools on the dryer. They will probably be there for a while until all of the flooring is finished.

The almost finished entry way. The baseboard needs to be finished still. The wood floor will but right up next to the tile when that is all installed.
So happy that I have such an amazing husband who is willing to work so much on the house. Can't wait till it is all done!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

The state of my living room right now

I have since picked a color so at least my walls are not "rainbows" anymore as Piper calls them. And now our fireplace mantle, hearth, and aprons are all ripped out. All that is left is the actual fireplace insert. Yikes! It is so messy and crazy over here right now. The fireplace is hopefully going to be ready to be installed on Wednesday. Yeah! Can't wait for it all to be done! So if my posts are few and far in between, this is why. :)


Friday, January 07, 2011

All the kidlets reading books together.

All fresh and squeaky clean from baths and here is what they go to do next. They all cuddle together in the hallway and Ambry reads to Piper and Kobe Dean. So adorable.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A "Rockstar" even when she's sleeping.

I went in to wake up the girls this morning and this is how I found Piper sleeping. I have no idea how she managed to keep those glasses on all night, but she did. Oh, how I love that silly girl!


Monday, January 03, 2011

Some deals to start off the new year!

A couple close up pics of what I got since the pic above is kind of small...

And here is the list of what I got:
  1. 19 bottles of ketchup
  2. 1 jar of peanut butter
  3. 3 avocados
  4. 1 cilantro bunch
  5. 3 oscillo child flu meds
  6. 3 Advil migraine
  7. 3 Advil pain relief
  8. 2 Advil children's pain relief
  9. 2 Omega 3 thingys
  10. 6 Papermate pencil packs
  11. 11 Glade plugin refills
  12. 13 Glade candles
  13. 13 Glade sprays
  14. 2 Biore steam cleanser
  15. 1 Biore face wipes
  16. 4 Air Wick scents
  17. 4 Buckets for veggie plants this summer
  18. 2 Salonpas heating pads
  19. 6 Sunday papers for all the coupon inserts

Total spent was $35.17. I still have $43.00 Walgreens money left and also got 3 coupons for free Breathe Right strips from Walgreens. Total savings??? All receipts totaled up said I saved $364.74!!! If you can believe that. :)

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