Thursday, April 30, 2009

Piper and I surprised Kasey for her birthday the other day. We drove up to her school, the office called her out of class, and boy, was she surprised! Kasey has one of the busiest schedules what with her swimming that I thought this was going to be the best way to make sure I could see her. :)

Here is Piper waiting for Kasey with Kasey's birthday balloons.

So sweet.

Kasey wanted a pic with her presents. :)

We couldn't leave without seeing Rosie. Kasey showed us where her classroom was and her classroom door happened to be open. The teacher was so nice and let Rosie come out in the hallway to say "hi" to us real quick.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I don't know what I was thinking...I thought the girls would LOVE their bunk beds. And they do. BUT they don't want to sleep seperately. Still. So this is how they sleep every night.

This is how they end up every night--Piper cuddled as close to Ambry as she can get and Ambry nearly falling off the bed.

Maybe I should have just saved my money and kept the twin bed in their room. :)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just something quick...

I have a wedding Friday and I wanted to buy a nice, new blouse/dressy shirt...whatever you would like to call it to go with a skirt that I have. The only problem is that anything I put on nearly went down to my belly button or had a slight see-though-ish problem. Now I know there are cute tanks/camis to put under such tops. BUT I don't want to to do that. I get quite warm and I really don't want to have to wear an extra layer.

Why can't there just be normal shirts that cover up decently and don't require a whole other layer underneath the shirt in order for it to look decent or fit properly. Normally I wouldn't mind buying yet another cami but I am sick of going to the mall to buy one nice shirt and having to walk out with 2--and the second is just to make the first look decent!

So if anyone knows of any stores where there is a chance I could go in and actually buy something that does not require extra layers, PLEASE let me know about it!




Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just a couple quick pics for deals for the day!!! I did really good at both CVS and Walgreens and was able to stock up HUGEly on stuff! First pic is from CVS...
This is all from Walgreens...

I will hopefully be able to post everything more specifically later on or tomorrow. The list is really long...

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I couldn't resist another trip to Walgreens. You had to know this post was coming. :)

Here is the list of goods that I got:

  1. 6 Vaseline lotions on sale for $2.69 each, use 6 $1.25 cpns from insert, get back a $6.00 RR
  2. 2 Crest toothpastes, $4.49 each, use 2 $4.49 cpns from Bayer deal=FREE!
  3. 2 Scunci hair ties, $1.99 each, get back $2.00 RR each=FREE!
  4. 2 Mentos gum, $1.00 each, use 2 $1.00 cpns=FREE!
  5. 6 Fiber Choice chewable tables, $2.49 each, get $2.50 RR each=FREE!
  6. 1 Chapstick glimmer, $1.99, get $2.00 RR=FREE!
  7. 4 rolls of toilet paper, $.50 each after in-ad cpn (I used these for fillers)
  8. 2 Olay cleansers on clearance for $2.39 each, used 2 $3.00 cpns=$.61 money maker on each!
  9. 2 Olay foaming cleansers on clearance for $2.59 each, used 2 $3.00 cpns=$.41 money maker on each!
  10. 2 Edge shaving gels $3.00 each, get $3.00 RR each=FREE!
  11. 1 Skintimate shave gel $3.00, get $3.00 RR=FREE!
  12. 2 Colgate toothbrushes $3.29 each, use 2 $.75 cpns, get $3.30 RR each=$.75 money maker on each!
  13. 6 travel size Degree deoderants $.99 each, use 6 $.75 cpns, pay $1.44, get back $6.00 RR=$4.56 money maker!!
  14. Schick Intuition razor on clearance for $2.39, use 1 $4.00 cpn=FREE! (I didn't get overage on this.)

Total amount of goods came to $83.85. I used my gift card to pay remaining balances. I used $14.39 from that. I also used $34.00 in RR's but got back $48.50. Which comes out to a profit of $.11!!! Woot for awesome deals!!
I did all of this with both Piper and Natallie. Their reward? A whole pack of Necco's to split between the two of them. They did awesome! And of course I was happy because I got a whole ton of good deals. :)


Last week, Kaylynn came and picked up the girls and took them to the zoo. She also had Kasey and Raelyn with her. Our cousin Rosie went along to help her out. Quite ambitious of Kaylynn if I do say so myself. :)

Kaylynn and Piper by the bear cage.

All 4 of the girls on a statue by the entrance to the zoo.
Thanks Kaylynn (and Rosie) for taking the girls! They had a blast with you. :)

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Since it has been a while since I posted on here...again...I thought I would catch everyone up real quick. I had a birthday, I did deals, I was sick, my kids were sick. There, now you are caught up. :) My life is so glamorous.

Anyway, here are some of the deals I did at CVS and Walgreens this week. And, yes, I will be going back for more. I just can't resist a free deal!


Here is what I got:
  1. 2 Colgate toothpaste $3.99 each, get back $3.99 ECB each. Use 2 $1.00 printables from here.
  2. 2 Natural Dentist mouth rinse $6.99 each, with $8.00 ECB back. Use 2 $2.00 printables from here. Then send in $10.00 MIR form here. Profit of $8.00!!
  3. 2 Pantene shampoo and conditioner, $3.50 each, use $3.00 off 2 cpn
  4. 1 Pantene hair spray $3.50, use buy 2 Pantene shampoo/conditioner, get styler free cpn. Will get $2.00 ECB with this deal.
  5. 1 Reinventing Beauty mag, $.99. Has good CVS cpns in it.
  6. 1 Softsoap body wash, $4.99, get back $4.99. Use $1.50 cpn from Reinventing Beauty mag or $1.00 cpn from Smartsource insert
  7. 1 gallon of milk $1.99

I split these into 2 orders, and was able to use a CVS cpn $4.00 off $20.00 and a $3.00 off $15.00. Total amount of stuff was $40.93. The reason it is a little bit more is because my Softsoap got messed up. It rang up more and also did not print off the ECB's. :( No big deal though. I just have to find the time to go back and get it price adjusted and get my ECB's. Sooo, I then used the above mentioned cpns, used $18.73 in ECB's, paid $1.81 in cash and got back $18.98 in ECB's. After the Softsoap deal is corrected I will get back a whopping $.51 in cash and get back another $4.99 in ECB's!! Yeah! Plus another $10.00 in MIR...a nice profit week at CVS. :)


There is actually some stuff missing from the pic above...I picked up q-tips and paper dessert plates for my dad and gave away a Crest toothpaste and 1 Scunci hair tie pack. :)
So here is the official list of what I got:
  1. 4 Chex mix $.99 each, use 4 $.50 cpns
  2. 2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner on sale B1G1 @ $2.79, use 2 $.75 cpns
  3. 6 Scunci hair ties, $2.00 each, get back $2.00 RR each=FREE!!
  4. 2 L'Oreal men's moisturizing stuff, $1.79 each (clearanced from $6.99!!), use 1 $3.00 off 2
  5. 3 Fiber Choice $2.49 each, get back $2.50 RR each=FREE!!
  6. 2 Bayer monitors, $14.99 each, use 2 $30.00 cpns (will be marked down to $14.99)=FREE!! plus get 2 cpns for free Crest pro-health toothpaste back!!! Do these in separate orders to get both cpns to print.
  7. 4 Crest Pro-Health toothpastes, all FREE by doing the above mentioned deal earlier. Also send in for $5.00 MIR #5 for a $5.00 profit!
Total before cpns was $81.23!!! I used the above mentioned cpns, $22.50 in RR's and got back $19.50 in RR's! I used my gift card to pay the remaining balance of $5.91! All of this was done in 6 orders. So, yes, it did take a little while, but it was so worth it!

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