Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just something quick...

I have a wedding Friday and I wanted to buy a nice, new blouse/dressy shirt...whatever you would like to call it to go with a skirt that I have. The only problem is that anything I put on nearly went down to my belly button or had a slight see-though-ish problem. Now I know there are cute tanks/camis to put under such tops. BUT I don't want to to do that. I get quite warm and I really don't want to have to wear an extra layer.

Why can't there just be normal shirts that cover up decently and don't require a whole other layer underneath the shirt in order for it to look decent or fit properly. Normally I wouldn't mind buying yet another cami but I am sick of going to the mall to buy one nice shirt and having to walk out with 2--and the second is just to make the first look decent!

So if anyone knows of any stores where there is a chance I could go in and actually buy something that does not require extra layers, PLEASE let me know about it!




Try the clearance section at Ann Taylor Loft. I usually find really good deals there. I bought a dress there a couple months ago for $5.88.
Good luck I can't stand shopping!
teehee..you probably can guess where I'll tell you to stop at...I also have family and friends coupons I can give you that are good starting thurs. You can get 25% off any sale or full price item. I know it's a big store but they have some really cute dressy shirts. Let me know if you want the coupons. I also second Sarah on the Ann Taylor loft they have really good quality clothes. Not that younkers doesn't I'm just sayin:)
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