Sunday, October 31, 2010

Month of November Budget Challenge
After watching Esther's monthly budget challenge, I have decided to try it out this month. With winter fast approaching, there is no better time than to start trying to watch the spending. I have decided to set my amount at $300.00 for the month and Caleb's for $100.00. I will include all "deals" and food spending in my amount while Caleb's will include any extra food or beer that he would like. Here's hoping we can do it!!!
Here is my first purchase for the month:

Trip to Walgreens included:

  1. 4 Zarbee's cough syrup
  2. 8 Vick's Sinex
  3. 6 bags of Ricola cough drops
  4. 4 Olay Regenerist face scrub
  5. 1 Olay body lotion
  6. 2 Olay body wash
  7. 6 Secret deoderant
  8. 2 Old Spice body sprays
  9. 2 packs of 2 each Olay soap
  10. not pictured were 11 caramel pieces (filler items)
  11. not pictured were 3 hi liters (filler items)

I spent $20.20 out of pocket. I used $40.20 in RR and got back $64.00 in RR!!! That was a $23.80 money maker in RR's. Too bad I couldn't get that back in cash. Oh well. I will use some of that for groceries if needed this week.

I also went to Meijer and got:

  1. 2 Sunday newspapers (for coupons)
  2. 1 case of pop for Caleb--yes, I know, horribly horrible for him but I would rather buy it and save some money on it rather than him buy it at the gas station like he has been doing.
  3. 1 Diet Coke for me--yes, I know horribly horrible. I need to kick my caffeine habit.
  4. 2 loafs of bread
  5. bananas
  6. 1 onion

I used $6.00 in Meijer CAT's that I had and a $5.00 RR from Walgreens which brought my total to $2.43. Not too shabby.

So for this monthly experiment, I am going to try to separate money spent on deals and money spent on food and see where I come out at. As of right now it is $20.20 on deals and $2.43 on food. I will try to separate the two as best I can through out the month and hopefully come in at under $300.00. Join me if you would like and see how each penny is spent and where it goes.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Sequence of Events
Girls, look at the camera!

PLEASE, look at the camera!!
PLEASE, oh PLEASE look at the camera!!!

No, no kisses....LOOK at the camera!

Piper! No kisses...PLEASE look at the camera!
Forget it...fine, jump around and do your thing...

Little stinkers! At least they were enjoying themselves. :)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Kobe Dean (yes, we call him by his whole name) at 4 months

Seriously, happiest baby ever when his belly is full and his big sis is lovin' on him! :)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a couple more pics...more to come later...

LOVE this pic of the girls...


Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a couple random pics...more to come later...


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