Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have been a complete slacker with my camera lately. I haven't had a whole lot of motivation to pick it up and snap pics lately. Sorry! So this is all I got right now--just a couple of cute pics of Grayson and Dean from last week.

This is Dean's facial response to me telling him to give Grayson a hug.

He finally ended up giving me a cute smile though.
Handsome little boys! Hopefully they stay as sweet together as they are now--and don't turn into little troublemakers. :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look who did Locks of Love!!!

Here is the before pic at our house of her very, very long hair.

Here she is getting her hair all brushed out before getting it cut.
Her long ponies all chopped off.

Look at that happy face!!! She loved every minute of getting her hair cut.

All done! Her response was, "I look like a different kid! I think I look like a unicorn filled with sprinkles and cheese." Not sure what she meant by the ending there, but we all laughed.

For a treat after her haircut, we walked over to Panera Bread and got a delicious bagel. Such a fun day out!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Some more of my crochet projects...

I have been trying to refrain from picking up my needle too often since, come on, let's face it, I have about 20 other things that I should be doing. You know, like cleaning my house, working on school with my kidlets, organizing the sheer awesome amounts of things we have in this house...and the list could go on and on. But, seriously, what's the fun it that? So here are some hats I have been able to squeeze into the schedule and still feel like I am getting done the things that I need to be doing.

Gnome hat--my girls call it "little Benny's hat" from Gnomeo and Juliet.
Can't you tell Dean just loves his new hat? Ha! Little stinker. For some reason, he does not like to wear this one.

A little bit better--I had to bribe him with a sucker. :)
Maybe I'll have some booties to show next week.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

The "7 Foot Snowman"

Caleb came home from work the other day at about 7:30 or so at night and yelled in to us to come outside. He said the snow was perfect for making our annual gigantic snowman. Sure enough, that snow was awesome packing snow and we were able to make 2 snowman very quickly.

Please ignore my awful suspender snowpants...even though it was snowy out, it was actually fairly warm--hence the great packing snow.

Notice Piper kissing the smaller snowman? Yup, she just had to have a pic with her kissing the snowman.
And if you can't read the sign, it says, "Please don't knock me over! I was made with love!" Last year, some rowdy kids kept driving by the house, finally stopped in front of the house, and jumped out of their car and knocked down our snowman. We are hoping that the sign will maybe discourage them from being so mean. We shall see. :)


Thursday, January 05, 2012

The New Year...

One of my "resolutions" was to make more projects with the kids. I am going to try to aim for one special project a week. So far, for week one, we are actually at two projects. Yeah! Here are pics from our first project that we did--homemade play-doh.

We added sparkles to our play-doh, because, come on, sparkles make everything so much more fun!

And there is Piper with the finished product! This play-doh is definitely worth the time and effort to make it. I couldn't find the link to where I saw this recipe, but here is what I wrote down:

  1. 1 cup flour

  2. 1 cup water

  3. 1/4 cup salt

  4. 2 tsp cream of tartar

  5. 1 tbsp vegetable oil

  6. food coloring--or use a kool-aid packet(which is what we did) and you will have delicious smelling play-doh!

  7. sparkles! definitely aren't needed, but it is just so much more fun! :)

Mix everything together in a sauce pan and stir together with a wooden spoon over medium heat. Keep stirring the entire time! After a few minutes, the doh will start to lump together. Keep stirring! Once all the doh becomes one gigantic lump, it is done. Remove from heat, dump on countertop and knead until there are no more little clumps. Once cooled, put in containers. Your dough will last about 6 months.

You will never buy another jar of Play-Doh again! Or maybe you will if you find a great deal on it. :)

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