Friday, December 30, 2011


I thought of Esther today when I saw this. Hillarious!

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Some pics for Daddy
And for those in CA, expect to see these in your mailbox, hopefully, on Monday! Also, since I still haven't decided on black and white or color, you get to see lots of pics. Sorry!



Kobe Dean...and his curls :)

And some pics of all 3 kidlets.

The last one of the kidlets is probably my favorite. I think it captures all of their personalities. I had so much fun taking their pics today. And in case you're wondering...yes, that is my couch on the front porch. :)

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kalahari vacay continued...again, because,well, let's face it, I like to take lots of pics.


An ok family pic, if you don't mind the funny faces.

My failed attempt at getting all 3 kidlets to smile at me. Stinkers!

Goofy girls!

Gotta love Ambry's wild headband in these pics. She won it at the arcade and wore it for the rest of the night. Of course, she hasn't worn it again since we got home.

And one more ok family pic. At least Caleb and I look happy for the pic. Oh, and yet again, please ignore the stinkin' hat! (One day, I am just going to toss them all. Just you watch!)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kalahari vacay continued...A night at the arcade and a night of mini-golf

A night at the misleading...we were at the arcade almost every night of vacay. Apparently we have some serious game lovers. :)

Piper won the jackpot and was quite excited.

Piper and her haul of tickets.

This child is such a character. I was limiting the amount of games they could play, so she climbed in this car and proceeded to pretend to drive. Check out that face! She takes her driving quite seriously.

Ambry playing mini-golf.

The girls and the surfer in the black light mini-golf course. Ambry, "Look, Mom! Now I really look like I'm from California!" Goofy girl. She considers herself half Californian. :)

Caleb (and his hat), Dean, and me on the mini-golf course.

I wonder if I'm allowed to outlaw hats. No more wearing them if there is even a remote chance I will want pictures. :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We went on vacay!
We got to to go to Kalahari again!! We were so excited when they ran the bogo deal again, that we ended up booking twice and staying for twice as long this time. So much fun was had by all! Here are just a few pics, with many more to come later.

My view from the front seat--our very precious cargo.

This awesome family also went!
And Josh and Tara went too! So excited that more people were able to go this year. Maybe as word gets around about how much fun this place is, more people will go too. The more the merrier!

And, my one family pic that turned out halfway decent...other than Dean pointing at the giant giraffe...and Caleb wearing a hat in yet another family pic...and Piper not looking at the I said, a family pic that turned out halfway decent. Some day I'll get a nice one--I just know it!


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Ambry, Piper, and their most favorite Aunt KK...

Of course, she is their only Aunt KK. :)

Love you, Aunt KK!!!


Thursday, December 01, 2011

Say it together now..."Aaawwwww!"

And that is all for now. Hope everyone has a good Thursday!! :)


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