Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We went on vacay!
We got to to go to Kalahari again!! We were so excited when they ran the bogo deal again, that we ended up booking twice and staying for twice as long this time. So much fun was had by all! Here are just a few pics, with many more to come later.

My view from the front seat--our very precious cargo.

This awesome family also went!
And Josh and Tara went too! So excited that more people were able to go this year. Maybe as word gets around about how much fun this place is, more people will go too. The more the merrier!

And, my one family pic that turned out halfway decent...other than Dean pointing at the giant giraffe...and Caleb wearing a hat in yet another family pic...and Piper not looking at the I said, a family pic that turned out halfway decent. Some day I'll get a nice one--I just know it!


Thanks for going again! Maybe next year I won't be pregnant...let's hope at least. Great picture of me with my trusty pile of food in my hand, as always!
Hey, I thought that pic of you was great! You look amazing in it!
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