Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kalahari vacay continued...A night at the arcade and a night of mini-golf

A night at the misleading...we were at the arcade almost every night of vacay. Apparently we have some serious game lovers. :)

Piper won the jackpot and was quite excited.

Piper and her haul of tickets.

This child is such a character. I was limiting the amount of games they could play, so she climbed in this car and proceeded to pretend to drive. Check out that face! She takes her driving quite seriously.

Ambry playing mini-golf.

The girls and the surfer in the black light mini-golf course. Ambry, "Look, Mom! Now I really look like I'm from California!" Goofy girl. She considers herself half Californian. :)

Caleb (and his hat), Dean, and me on the mini-golf course.

I wonder if I'm allowed to outlaw hats. No more wearing them if there is even a remote chance I will want pictures. :)


Very Cute! Looks like fun!
Thanks Robyn! Maybe next year you guys can go too!
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