Thursday, April 30, 2009

Piper and I surprised Kasey for her birthday the other day. We drove up to her school, the office called her out of class, and boy, was she surprised! Kasey has one of the busiest schedules what with her swimming that I thought this was going to be the best way to make sure I could see her. :)

Here is Piper waiting for Kasey with Kasey's birthday balloons.

So sweet.

Kasey wanted a pic with her presents. :)

We couldn't leave without seeing Rosie. Kasey showed us where her classroom was and her classroom door happened to be open. The teacher was so nice and let Rosie come out in the hallway to say "hi" to us real quick.

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What a nice big sister you are! I'm sure she was the envy of all her classmates.
How Sweet Sharon! You're making me look real bad here! :) Im just kidding. So glad you could do that for Kasey! She looks like she was so excited!
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