Monday, March 08, 2010

One of the girls favorite things to do...
Both of the girls love to read! Another favorite activity of their's is building "forts" or "beds". Lately they have been taking all of the cushions off of the couches in the living room, covering them with their blankets, and then laying or sitting there for hours reading books. And when I say hours, I literally mean, hours!
Piper is "reading" the story to me here. Look at how hard she is trying. :)

Look like pretty comfortable beds, right? It is so much fun when they do stuff like this because it gives me time to get some much needed cleaning done...or some reading done myself. And if you have seen my house lately, you know I have chosen the reading. :)


What creative girls you have! And how nice for you when you have cleaning to do. They know how to keep themselves busy and with good things. :)
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