Friday, March 26, 2010

Piper being...well, Piper being Piper
Here she is with a flower headband on, some sunglasses from the Fourth of July, a sparkly shawl shirt of some kind, and a Chinese calendar that she said she needed to wrap up her foot. Hmmm. Sure, Piper, whatever you say.

See, Mom? I wrapped up my foot! All said with the biggest, cheesiest grin ever. Oh, this child cracks me up! If you can believe it, she does something like this at least once a day. On the same day, I also caught her in the bathroom with some lotion that she was trying to "feed" to her belly button because her belly button was hungry! What?!? I laughed so hard. :)


She is such a cute pie! Your ticker is getting towards the end--Yipee!!!!
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