Monday, November 24, 2008

We had our first big snow of the year today and, apparently, it was great sticking snow. Here is the snowman that Caleb and the girls built today.

Check out the stylin' cowboy hat! We didn't have any snow hats big enough. :) Can you see what Caleb used for arms?
Look at the size of that snowman! It is taller than Caleb! The snow was awesome for packing!

Sweet little Piper.

She tried to help with the snowman but everytime I looked outside, she was eating snow. :) Yeah! I finally found a way to get this child to "drink" water!


Such sweet memories! Very resourceful with the golf clubs. My kids were outside for hours yesterday, got all that!
My boys made a snowman to it was cute not nearly as big as yours. It had half melted by this morning already.
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