Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 6 foot snowman...again
I say again because Caleb builds this snowman with the girls every winter. They get so excited when he comes home from work and calls them outside to come and help him build it. He doesn't call me because he knows I probably won't come. A fan of winter, I am NOT! So I go outside once they are done just to take pictures. Works out good for me and good for the girls since they get to show it to me when they are done.

Here is the link to when he did this last year with the girls. Not to much different other than I think last year's was a little bit more inventive. And that one didn't get knocked over. :( The girls were so upset this year when they woke up and saw the snowman knocked over. Apparently some kids came during the night and pushed it over. Tears ensued and both Caleb and I were not very happy. Why someone would do that is beyond me. But at least we got to enjoy looking at it for a few days.


Poor girls, my kids would have cried too! Who would knock down a kids snowman?
That is so cruel! :( Well, now they can look forward to making sand castles in the back yard and not worry about anyone knocking those over...hopefully.
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