Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Haircut (tear, tear, sob)

Yes, my handsome man needed a haircut. Yes, it was getting waaay too long.  BUT, I miss those curls!  I am hoping it was grow out very quickly and he will soon have his long, curly locks again.  Just not quite to the extent that he did have.  After all, he did have 3 inches cut off!
Check out those bangs!
Some of his hair littering the floor.  :(
My handsome man!  He doesn't even look like the same little boy!
Piper giving him a hug.  
Dean did awesome getting his hair cut.  He sat there the whole time while the lady clipped and buzzed all of his hair off.  Although, when we got done, he kept feeling his head.  He wasn't too impressed with what he didn't find.  I think he even missed his long, curly locks. 

He looks so much more grown up and more manly, Aunt Esther gives it two thumbs up!
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