Thursday, January 07, 2010

The **EDITED** $100.00 a month $200.00

So it is Thursday and so far this is what I have bought, minus a couple of tomatoes, some cucumbers, a head of lettuce, 4 Sunday papers, and some icecream. This brings my total spending for the week to $36.54. I am hoping to get back $5.67 of that for a coupon that was inputted wrong. They put $.62 instead of $6.29. Big difference if you ask me. Unfortunately I didn't catch it until I was all ready home.

Now I know what you are thinking--Esther--and, no, we didn't survive on Cheerios and coffee creamer all week. :) For the kids it was cold cereal, until today since I ran out of milk, and oatmeal for Caleb and I. Lunch has been a variety of things from egg salad to peanut butter and jelly to quesadillas. I had a TON of bananas from last week and those will last us through the weekend. Dinners have been tacos, enchiladas, and pizza sandwhiches. Any other fruit that we eat is taken from my canning supply downstairs.

I have enough of a food storage that I can typically buy to fill in the wholes. Notice the roasts that are in the pic. They were on sale and will be perfect for our Sunday lunch. So even though I bought them this week they will be eaten over the next couple of weeks for sure. Some snack fillers that I got were the cucumbers, yogurt, and Cheerios. It doesn't sound like much but when you have a fridge full of food--so much you can't find room for leftovers!!--you know you have plenty of food. So I don't worry too much about buying certain things. I figure there is plenty of stuff to eat it is just a matter of wanting to eat it. :)

So there you have it. Maybe not a list of specific deals but at least a pic of most everything I got. I am hoping to head to Wags one more time this week, get my money back hopefully and then turn around and use it one some of the other deals that I didn't get there this week. And just in case you are wondering about the uppage (is that even a word?) in the budget, I did not think it was feasible to make it on $25.00 a week especially since my food storage is not what it used to be. So from now on, $50.00 a week should be plenty...hopefully...


$200 is still a lofty challenge. Goals are good, they push us to try, right?
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