Monday, January 11, 2010

End of first week for January Budget Challenge

First pic is what I got from CVS on Saturday, minus one Cottonnelle that is suppposed to be with this weeks deals. The Special K and Electrasol was from Wags. Altogether the stuff in the pic cost me $4.57! Considering one box of Electrasol regular price is $4.99, I thought that was a phenomenal deal!
And my last trip to Meijer and Wags for the week. The Neosporin, Glucerna, Tresemme, "poppers", pen, Electrasol, and 2 boxes of Special K are from Wags. Everything else was from Meijer. That would have been so much easier to type if I had typed Meijer first...oh well. :) Anyway, I spent a $8.48 at Meijer for 22 yogurts and 5 boxes of cereal and then got $2.00 back for OYNO. At Wags I spent $1.32! So happy for good deals. And now I am once again, completely stocked up on cereal.

So for my first week my total out of pocket spending came to $54.29! Only $4.29 over what I was aiming for. Not too shabby, I thought. Hopefully next week goes just as good...


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