Friday, January 01, 2010

January Challenge
I saw this challenge on Money Saving Mom and thought it looked great...until I looked at my pantry and food storage and realized I couldn't make it a whole month on what I have stored up. Food has seemed to disappear around here at an alarming rate recently. Or maybe it is because I just haven't been up to doing all the deals as much as I used to. Either way, I just don't think a whole month is possible.
But what I am going to try to do is do it for two weeks out of the month and be on a strict budget for the month. I am going to try to spend $100.00 for the month. Yikes! That is scary actually having it in print, but I'm hoping I can do it. I will try to post some of our meals on here and also how much I have spent for the week and let you know the deals that I have gotten. I have really slacked off on that in the last six months.
The only things I am going to try to stick to buying is fresh meat since that is not something I have stored up, milk, bread, eggs, fresh veggies, and a minimal of fresh fruit since I have a good amount and variety of fresh fruit canned.
If you think you can do the whole month, you can sign up on Money Saving Mom's website. Otherwise if you are like me and just don't have a ton of food stored up but have a decent amount, then feel free to join me this month as I try to follow a very strict budget and at the same time clear out the pantry/food storage to make room for new.


$100!!!! wowsers!!!! Sure will be fun to watch ya give that one a go;) Go Sharon Go!!
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