Monday, July 02, 2007

How horrible, awful, very bad have I been about putting up new pics on here?!? I guess my only excuse is that we have been enjoying the gorgeous weather that we have been having lately. We spend a lot of time out by the pool or just playing outside. I haven't been very good about checking emails either. When I checked it this morning, I had 254 emails in my inbox. Pretty bad. Oh well.

Kaylynn stopped over at my house when I was rocking Piper to sleep and took this picture of us. This is what I do pretty much every night with her to get her to sleep. Talk about being spoiled. But that is all going to stop. Last night was the first night that I let her cry herself to sleep. It was a good thing that there were people here because I don't know if I could have done it otherwise. Let's hope I can do it again tonight. Otherwise before I know it, she will be ten and I will still be rocking her to sleep. :)

Nana (my mom) came over last week after I took Kasey, Rosie, Ambry, and Piper to the Gardens and she brought push pops for the girls to share. Ambry took that very literally and shared hers with Piper. There definitely weren't any complaints from Piper about that thoough.


It's so easy to spoil them rotten isn't? Lu2 is well on her way to being spoiled to death. Cute the way they share, you must be doing something right;)
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