Monday, July 16, 2007

You will never believe what Kasey got me! A Webkinz! You''re probably thinking what in the world is a Webkinz and why in the world an I so excited about it? Well, I will tell you. They are only the coolest thing ever! She got me the lion and we named it Cody. These things are so much fun. You buy the little stuffed animal--kind of like a beanie baby--take it home, and log onto their website. Each animal comes with it's own code and you use that to start an account. You have to name your pet, decide whether it is male or female, feed it, play with it, decorate it's room, etc. They have a bunch of games that you play to earn money to buy their food or medicine when they are sick or furniture for their room. I am telling you, these are the coolest thing ever! I have been playing with it non stop. Very, very bad! Now that I have my own, it might get worse...

I also start watching two more kids this week for daycare. They are a brother and sister, ages 4 and 19 months. I am praying that it all goes okay. My first day is tomorrow. I will be starting a serious schedule that my girls will also be sticking to. Otherwise with 4 kids in the house, I might just lose it. :)

David moved in this weekend also (Caleb's younger brother). Now both of our bedrooms in the basement are rented out. Gerrit is in the other one. I moved the toy room upstairs into Piper
s bedroom and put Piper in Ambry's room. If I don't lose my mind tomorrow, I will upload pics of their room together. Mom came over today and gave me some better ideas on trying to work with their furniture being both in one room so hopefully I can get that done tomorrow as well.

If anyone has any good ideas for keeping kids occupied, i.e. crafts, and such like, let me know! I am definitely going to need all the good ideas I can get my hands on. To those of you who don't know how to leave comments--Kasey and mom--click on where it says "comments" at the bottom of each section (before the last day ended) and then you can leave little comments on there. Fun, right?

Hope everyone has a good Monday! Yes, that is right...I am updating my blog at 12:30 in the morning. Can you say, very bad schedule? I will also be putting myself on a strict schedule because I have zero ability of putting myself to bed. There are just way too many exciting things happening late at playing Webkinz!

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