Monday, July 16, 2007

So I survived my first day of daycare. It didn't go too bad. The kids all listened fairly well. Guess who got the first timeout of the day? That's right. Ambry. My own kid! How ridiculous. Naptime went pretty good. Piper and Natallie (the 19 month old little girl) went down after lunch at about the same time. Piper only slept for an hour but Natallie slept for about 3 hours. Nice! Ambry and Toby (the 4 year old little boy) "watched" a movie downstairs. They did more playing and running around though. We will definitely have to work on that.

We had no cable today since the people who buried our new telephone wire today cut through the cable line. So very nice of them! So we made it all day on just playing and one movie at rest time. Not bad at all. Tomorrow we are going to get together a reading list and have a little bit of reading added to the day. I think every day we will try something new to keep the kids busy and occupied.

I even got to play with Cody today a little bit. Cody is my Webkinz that Kasey got for me. (Thanks Kasey!!!) I also organized my hallway closet which needed it really bad. I am such a horrible pack rat. I keep every little scrap of paper that I think could ever possibly be important. Now it is nice and neat and I couldn't be happier.

It is definitely a huge change trying to get used to picking up something right when we are done using it. I am really trying to stress on the kids to pick up when they are done with the toys that they were playing with before they get out a new one. That way we don't have near as many things to pick up at the end of the day. I have a really hard time with that. I am horrible with picking up after lunch, dinner, etc. I tend to leave it "until I have time" which for me is generally when Caleb complains about it. We did pretty good today with cleaning up right away. My house is clean again for tomorrow which is nice to start out the day without rushing around and picking up. I even went for a run tonight. And that is saying a lot. I am going to try to start running every night whether it is for ten minutes or half an hour. I figure some time set aside just to kind of relieve the stress of the day will help immensely. The only problem is that it is now 11:30 and here I sit. I am way too wired to go to bed. Hopefully by the end of the week that will change and I will just be too tired to stay awake any longer.

I hope tomorrow goes as good as today did! Here is a pic from today of Piper. The cutie pie didn't take one good pic without sticking her tongue out.

Oh, and here is the girl's rooom so far. Mom came over and gave me a couple ideas for moving it around a little differently to make it "flow" better. But for now, this is how I have it set up. So far it has been going pretty good. And I love having the computer out of the living room. Not sure why that bugged me so much, but I definitely like it better in the toy room (Piper's old room).

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Glad your first day went good. Four is kinda busy huh? All those being so young must kinda crazy! Can you imagine having quadruplets. One a time is just fine with me.
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