Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just about everyone is finally better over here now. I was sick all last week, Caleb was not feeling so hot a couple days and now Gerrit has it. The only person it looks like it has to hit yet is David. Did I mention that we have another body living in our house now? I can't remember. Honestly...I was seriuosly hallucinating last week. That is how sick I was. I thought I had fed Piper, but I hadn't yet. I thought I had put Ambry to bed, but I didn't. I lost my house payment somewhere in my house. Really, I did. That is how sick I was. That is the first bill I think I have ever lost. Talk about not feeling good! Anyway, we have a full house now. No more bedrooms to give out. Unless we absolutely have to! :)

It has been going pretty good with the two little daycare kids too. Ambry and Toby get along really well and Piper and Natallie get along. It really works out. For the most part everyone plays together really well. I am still having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to being home 24/7 but I will get there...hopefully.

Caleb poured a bunch of concrete at our house last week. We now have a third stall on our driveway, a nice new walkway up to the house, and a walkway from our backdoor out to the pool. It looks really nice. I didn't take any pictures yet because it isn't quite done yet...and because it is 10:30 at night and I don't think any pics would turn out all that well. I'll take some tomorrow though. If I remember!

Hope your car is all better, Holly! Kaylynn told me the poor thing was maybe done for. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! Stay cool. It is supposed to be another scorcher!

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I didn't know you were sick last week. You know that moms aren't allowed to get sick right? GLad your all feeling better! keep cool!
I'm glad your feeling better hope I didn't give you anything last weekend. I was sick all last week to lots of yucky stuff going around. Isn't all the new concrete great! I was so excited when Ben poured all our concrete at our house it makes everything so new outside. He really wants to do that b-ball court for the boys although it probably won't be until next year. Maybe we can meet up for walking next week give me a call or vice versa. How did the no bake cookies turn out?
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