Thursday, July 19, 2007

So today is supposed to be my easy day, right? Just Joseph today to watch. No big deal, right? Until Ambry woke up this morning at 4:30 throwing up. The poor girl. I had woken up to use the bathroom, thought our ceiling was leaking, turned on the light to inspect the ceiling only to then see Ambry's pj's on the sink looking suspiciously damp. She then woke up from the light being turned on and proceeded to tell me that she had gone potty in her pj's. She did try to clean it up with her towel though. Little sweetheart.
I finally get that all cleaned up and hop back in bed only to be woken up about a half hour later by Ambry gagging. She was sleeping on her back in our bed and I don't even want to think about what would have happened if she had been in her own bed. Anyways, I quickly rolled her over and then ran with her to the bathroom. Throwing up ensues. Tuck her back into bed with us again. Get up again about ten minutes later because Piper woke up and is crying and hungry. Feed her and hop back into bed now stuffed full with four people. Caleb's alarm goes off at 5:45 and now everyone is wide awake again. So instead of trying to get two very wide awake little girls back to sleep, we all get up. According to her, she needs to go to the dentist to feel better. Talk about a great start to the day!
So please pray for Ambry to get better today. I really hope she is better by tomorrow because I have the other two kids that I started watching this week back again tomorrow. I think I am going to call their mom though and let her know what's going on. Maybe she will want to keep them home for the day...hopefully. Hope everyone is having a better Thursday than poor Ambry today!


Gotta love days like that huh! We've been sick too. At least my sweet baby sleeps through the night already, five days in a row with five of more straight hours of sleep, its awesome. Hope Ambry is better and Piper doesn't get it.
Awww I really hope she feels better!!!
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