Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little Polka dot dress from Gymboree...worth $8.47? I saw it on clearance this weekend and could not resist. I bought it in a 4 so that hopefully she can wear it this summer and next...if she doesn't grow too much! It is nice and long now so hopefully...

Go ahead...enlarge this pic...complete with price tag and everything. :)

Piper's "oh woe is me" face. It is so hard being cute, isn't it?
Now we move onto her "I am so desperately sad" look.

"Candy? Did someone say candy?" Why, yes, I would love to smile for you if there is candy!

Momma just can't resist those legs. They get such great giggles!

What do you think? Worth $8.47? Of course, I will think and rethink buying it (although the tags are still on it) until someone gives me the official OK. :)


It's very cute! Considering how "cheap" you are, keep it. You can "save" that much in one stop to CVS.
Any find at Gymboree under $10 is worth keeping! Besides, you'll make that much back when you sell it after she outgrows it. Good find!
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