Thursday, December 11, 2008

Since it has been a while since I last updated, this will be kind of long. :)

I missed Thanksgiving but here are a couple of pics. We went first to Caleb's parents and then up to my mom's for dinner. My dad was in Colorado, so we didn't have to make 3 stops. Anyway, I missed out on pics at Caleb's parents house. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh well. So here are some from my mom's.

Don't they look so cute? I can not wait to get a piano. Some day...Piper LOVES to sing! She loves are kinds of music. I can put on just about any genre of music and she will "sing" along to it.

Poppi showing Piper the cat. This cat is incredible. You can hold it anyway you want and it won't do anything. Rosie carries it around like a baby with it's legs sticking straight up in the air and it just chills. Check out how Piper is holding the cat. It's hind legs are barely touching the floor and it's head is almost in a headlock. Of course, Piper thought it was great...the cat probably had other ideas!

Look at that poor thing! Rosie was trying to hold up it's head for a pic. :)
Lots of posts to come in the next few days. Deals of the week, Ambry's last ballet class (which she loved! She wants to do cheerleading next. I have such girly-girls and I LOVE it!), and more!

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