Monday, December 29, 2008

I finally got around to putting my pics on the computer...yeah! So here goes...

First things first. Mom had to have an extra coffee pot up there just in case. Well, just in case the other one wasn't big enough. So I packed my coffee pot and this was the first thing unpacked. :) And, seriously, I think it was on almost the whole time we were there. And we ended up using both coffee pots!

Piper and her "animals". Bunny and Monkey both had to go with. Classic names, right?

Raelyn and Ambry peeking over the edge of the loft. Caleb, Ambry, Raelyn, Piper, and I all slept up there. We had 2 queen beds and our own full bathroom up there!

Mom and Kaylynn eating chips and salsa.

Kaylynn, me, Jeff, Caleb, Jen, and Gerrit getting ready to go out skiing.
Kasey and Jeff after being out skiing for a couple hours.

Piper and me. I was trying to get the little stinker to sleep. This was at about 11:00 at night. I guess that is what happens on vacation, right? Good cuddle time. :)

The girls looking at pics on Kaylynn's camera.
Big smiles from Kasey...big fake one from Piper...
hugs before hitting the road.
There you have it. Some random pics from an awesome 2 day vacation. It was so much fun skiing again. I hadn't done it since we went up to Shanty Creek with the whole family, probably about 8-10 years ago at least. I had so much fun and now can not wait to go skiing again!


Looks like fun! you bring an extra coffee pot?!?!? Crazy even though a cup sounds pretty good right now.
Awesome pic's looks like you had a great time. I haven't been skiing in years we've thought about taking the boys this winter sometime. Must have lots of coffee I agree!
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