Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh me, oh my...I LOVE CVS and Walgreens! I hit up both stores this afternoon with the girls and left feeling oh so very happy.
Here is what I got at CVS:

I split up the order into two transactions. Transaction #1:
  1. 3 Lypsyl products
  2. 2 St. Ives lotions
  3. 1 Garnier Fructis conditioner
  4. 1 Colgate toothpaste
I used two .50 peelies from the St. Ives lotion bottles, .75 Colgate coupon, 1.00 Garnier coupon, $5.00/$15.00 CVS coupon, and 17.00 in ECB's. I paid .99 in cash and received back 18.96 in ECB's. Yeah!
Transaction #2:
  1. 1 Garnier Fructis hair gel
  2. 1 Venus razor
  3. 2 Gillette skin care shaving gel
  4. 1 Lypsyl
I used 2 1.00 Gillette shaving gel coupons (the product itself was on sale for .99 so these were free after coupons), 4.00 Venus razor coupon, 1.00 Garnier hair gel, 5 off 15 CVS coupon, and 4.99 in ECB's. I paid 1.45 in cash and received back 10.99 in ECB's!!! A very good deal.

So to conclude the CVS trip, I paid 2.44 in cash, used 21.99 ECB's, but got back 29.95 in ECB's! And got $43.48 worth of product! Excellent shopping excursion today. :)

Here is what I got at Walgreens:

  1. 2 Oust odor sprays
  2. 2 bags of cherries (the girls were hungry and I wanted them to have something healthy)
  3. 4 Oral B toothbrushes
  4. 2 jane coverup sticks
  5. 2 jane mascaras
  6. 2 Windex
  7. 2 Sally Hansen nail polishes
  8. 3 packs of gum ( I somehow lost 1 pack between the store and my car.)
  9. 4 Russell Stover chocolate eggs
  10. 1 Sunsilk hair gel
  11. 2 Sunsilk conditioners
  12. 2 Sunsilk shampoos
  13. 1 Sunsilk hair spray
I used 2 B1G1 Oral B toothbrush, 2 1.00 Sally Hansen, 2 2.00 Oust, 3 2.00 Jane, 1 B1G1 Windex, 2 B1G1 Trident along with 2 B1G1 Trident Walgreens, 2 B1G1 Russell Stover along with buy 3 for 1.00 Walgreens, 2 Sunsilk 2.50, 3 2.00 Sunsilk, 1.00 Sunsilk coupons...I think that is all. :) I paid $8.38 in cash! I will still get 4.00 back after MIR too. It was so cool looking at the end result of savings too. Before sales and coupons? Total was 81.30! Yeah!!!

So there are my deals that I have gotten so far. Caleb was even happy with this one. He really wanted some of that Lypsyl. So my deals even made him happy this week. :) Happy deal hunting to everyone this week!

I have a bunch of pics to put up of the girls last week from a little vacation that we took. Hopefully I will be able to put them up tomorrow. :)

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You have GOT to teach me when i move back to the states... :)
I would love to show you how to get the deals. It is kind of like a game now to me to see how 'free' I can get stuff. :)
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