Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Crazy, crazy January/February weather

The weather here has been absolutely crazy...crazy, I tell you! For example, last week Sunday, we drove to church in near blizzards and then this week Sunday it was sunny with temps near 50!

Since it had warmed up so much, Bry and Dean wanted to do some sparklers.

I just had to post this pic--ignore the messy garage and just check out Bry's outfit. Nothing says I'm stylish like wearing a tye-dye shirt with comfy shorts and winter boots. Ha! Goofy girl! :)

Check out Dean's cheesy face! He was loving those sparklers!

Oh, I am loving this weather, but I have to tell you, I am kind of missing winter. Yikes! Did I just say that? I have to say, though, that if there is one bonus to living here, it is enjoying all of the seasons, and I just don't feel like we have had a winter yet. Oh well. I guess we will just have to make do with doing sparklers in our shorts and coats. :)

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Ambry is stylin'!! Looks like lots of fun, I couldn't find ours:-(
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