Sunday, June 05, 2011

Just a few more of the kidlets...

Ambry has turned into quite the little camera poser, whereas Piper on the other hand is just a total goofball. Her posing is something totally different. She is leaning this way and that, hands on the hip, or arms folded. You name it, she tries to pose it. Oh well, that is the beauty of just taking your own pics. You know the kids personalities and even though the pic might not be someone else's idea of "perfect", it is definitely mine. I think their personalities just shine through and I love it!

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I love the 2nd pic! They are all smiling ;-)
I LOVE them all so much!- had so much fun with them on Saturday!
Love, Aunt KK
Thanks again for watching them in the pool while I did the garage sale. You were a huge help! Let me know if you want to come over a day this week. It is supposed to be crazy warm and humid the beginning of the week. :)
I must take pictures again. I must. They turned out super cute!
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