Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A lost tooth and a $.32 trip to Meijer!

First up is my amazing trip to Meijer. I will have to make one more trip yet this week since they were already out of the Del Monte veggies. And those are too good of a deal to pass up.

Here is what I got:

  1. 1 7.5 lb of cat food on sale for $5.97 (should be the 3.5 lb but they were all out of that one)
  2. 3 packs of Huggies wipes
  3. 2 Cafe Steamers
  4. 6 Grands biscuits
  5. 12 Crystal Light packs
  6. 1 pack of canning rings and lids (for Tara since her Meijer was out of them)
  7. 5 packs of 100 Calorie boxes

Total came to $69.25 before coupons. After coupons and instore savings I paid $11.79. The cat food rang up wrong so I got $6.38 back at customer service. After Tara's canning rings purchase of $3.09, I will have paid $2.32! Plus I got a $2.00 catalina back for buying 6 Grands Biscuits. So after all is said and done it will have come to $.32!!! Woohoo! (I am still counting the cash out of pocket and recording $2.32 though).

Another lost tooth for Ambry! She was more than excited. :) Here is with her second tooth.

And rather than have to subtract money out of my $75.00, I went downstairs and pulled out a notebook and some sparkly markers for her treat. Perfect...or at least we thought so. :)

Since Sunday, that brings my spending up to $17.42.

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Nice job! Gotta love couponing!!
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