Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July parade
Gerrit and Jen walked from their house to watch the parade for a little while with us.

Piper eating her pre-parade snack.

Dean getting some chips from Daddy. Still can't believe he was eating those things!

And then a bottle to wash it all down.

Cute cousins waiting for the parade to start. Lula was NOT happy that we had to get their early in order to get a good seat for the parade.

Piper getting a lift from Uncle Gerrit.

Dean all tuckered out.

His sweet baby face says it all. We were all pretty whooped by the end of the parade. It was sooo hot and the parade was sooo long. Fun was definitely had by all though!

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I'm sorry but you must be mistaken about Lula. She has the most patience of anyone I know:-)
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