Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What to do with the baby when the girls want to wash the car??

Put him in a (cleaned out) shoe bin and let him spalsh around too!

Look at that happy face! He was loving having his own water to play in and being able to watch the girls too.

Check out that tongue! Hilarious! This was the easiest solution that I could come up with for him. I didn't want him getting into the girls soapy (and icky) bucket for washing the car. And I really didn't want him getting all dirty from crawling in the grass--or muddy grass once the girls were done washing the car. :) This definitely worked for me!

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He's so cute! There are some pictures of me at about a year old enjoying a roasting pan full of water. It works on bigger kids, too: Last spring, when we dug up our entire front yard and put in new plants, my son who was 5 helped for a while and then wanted to play in the hose. We had a large plastic tub outside that we had used to hold some plants temporarily. After a while I looked up and saw Nicholas sitting in the tub happily filling it with water! At least he had taken off his shoes. :-)
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