Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Here are some pics for you, Aunt KK. :) I am so sorry it took me so long. You were right...3 kids don't take up too much time. hehehe.

The first ones are from David and Michelle's wedding. Piper was the flower girl and Caleb was co-best man.

Piper wearing Caleb's wedding shoes.

Caleb's sister, Mel came out for the wedding and was able to stop by for a visit.

Seriously, how much do they look alike??? They even kind of stand like each other!

And, of course, some of Kobe.

And one from when he had just got done with his bath.

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Awww...love him!! Little Kobester is getting so BIG already. Can't wait to hug him and kiss me again! :)
I'm sure Piper just loved be a flower. What a little hunny.
Love, Aunt KK
P.S. Thanks for the update, Sharon. I also did not know Caleb had a sister. Crazy. I thought I knew everything. ;) just kidding.
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