Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ambry's new "favorite" snack...
  1. ketchup and frozen blueberries or...
  2. mustard and frozen bluberries or...
  3. salsa and blueberries (oh which ones would you like to try. don't they sound delicious!!)
She even managed to persuade Uncle Jordan to try it. I wish I would have gotten a pic of him trying the mustard and blueberries. It was priceless!

Here she is after trying her mustard and blueberry mixture. Not sure if that is a happy face or a oohhh that is sour face.

Look at the excitement! She has asked if she can have this snack just about every day since I let her try this. It has since been outlawed for the mere fact of it's disgusting stuff-ness. :)

Ambry's favorite at the end of the day??? The mustard and blueberries! I knew she liked mustard, I just had no idea she liked it that much! :)


I completely agree with Esther!! That has got to be the grossest snack that has ever been thought up EVER!!!!! Ambry.. how did you come up to mix those together? Strange...very very strange Ambry :)
Love Aunt Kaylynn
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