Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here is a recap of my $300.00 monthly challenge: Week 1: I had $75.00 in cash to work with this week. Here is what I got yesterday:

Stopped at a garage sale:
  1. 1 pair of jeans for myself
  2. 4 t-shirts for myself
  3. 1 pair of capris for Ambry
  4. 4 tees for Ambry
  5. 1 jewelry box for Ambry (not pictured)
  6. 2 VHS movies (not pictured)
  7. 1 play crown for Piper (not pictured)
  8. 1 Websters dictionary(not pictured)
    Total came to $15.50.

Trip to the mall:
  1. 1 Bath and Body antibacterial soap
  2. 1 mini pocket antibacterial hand sanitizer
  3. 1 pair of panties (free panty coupon in the mail)
    Total came to $1.59!

Trip to Meijer:
  1. 15 Del Monte veggies
  2. 3 Del Monte pineapple veggies
  3. 5 100 calorie snack packs
  4. 1 bag of cat food
  5. 2 Huggies wipes
  6. 3 Fast Shake pancake mix
    Total came to $1.86!! I used a $2.00 OYNO from earlier in this week from another order.

Here is a trip to Costco and Rite Aid that I made earlier in the week:
  1. 5lb bag of potatoes at Costco
  2. 1 gallon of milk at Costco
  3. 10 VO5 shampoo/conditioner at Rite Aid
  4. 2 Clean and Clear products at Rite Aid
  5. 3 Snicker bars--one not pictured :)

Total at Costco came to $6.94. Total at Rite Aid came to $.06. I used the rest of my gift card on this order. Before gift card, the total was $6.35. I will be getting $5.00 back for buying the VO5.

Also pictured here is some stuff I got in the mail. I got two $10.00 gift certificates from Kellogg's. I also got 5 FREE (up to $4.00) certificates off any STAR product.

I also bought 2 different painters tape for Caleb to finish painting the house. This came to $5.08.

Budget total this week came to $72.01. I came just under my goal of $75.00 a week. Not too shabby. Not to mention, I was still able to do the deals and got lots of extras. Hopefully next week turns out just as good as this week did.

Something I am gets spent very, very quickly when you are trying to stay on a budget. I also have so much more to learn about all those "free" deals that I get. Yes, they are great deals, but the money still needs to be spent out of pocket in order to get the rebate/ECB/RR back. Whatever the case, I am definitely trying to get these deals figured out so that I can make them even better. :)

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I think you need to show what you eat. I looks like a week of chocolate covered pretzel and canned corn:-)
I probably should...Caleb said the same thing when I showed him what I had bought. I can't even imagine taking that many pictures though. :) I'm already having a hard enough time keeping up with what I have right now. Maybe I'll post our menu for the week or something like that.
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