Thursday, July 30, 2009

I came home tonight with, well, lots and lots of stuff much to the consternation of Caleb. A very frustrated and annoyed husband looks over deals and responds, "They don't need any of that!" Which of course refers to the kids. Which I then respond with, "No, but it is fun. And Piper's birthday is coming up. And I want to stock up for the garage sale." Excuses, excuses.

So my question to you is this: when does the stocking up and the deal grabbing become too much? When do you stop? And finally, HOW do you stop once you have started?

First up is Piper's birthday presents. Here is what I got.

A pack of playdoh normally $9.99 marked down to $2.24. Dora and Diego figures normally $12.99 marked down to $3.48. A twirly wand that she carried around with her everywhere in the store normally $4.99 marked down to $1.98. And lastly a "princess wand" that Ambry wanted to get her normally $2.99, marked down to $.98. A grand total of $8.68. I didn't think that was bad. I was planning for $10.00 for her birthday since I thought that was plenty to spend on a 3 year old's birthday.

So what do you think? I was already planning on bringing back one of the wands. One sparkly, twirly, fun light wand is plenty. Would you also return the Dora and Diego figures? Granted she really likes watching those shows and has a Dora bike now courtesy of Poppa and Grandma. Like I said, when is too much, too much?

And onto the HUGE purchase for the night. Here is what I got.

4 Partini games regularly $20.00 each, marked down to $5.00.
3 Hyper Jump games normally $14.99 each, marked down to $3.72
3 markers $1.00 each (they were the bright colors as opposed to primary...again begs the question when is too much, too much?)
1 Kids Mircroscope normally $39.99, marked down to $9.99
2 V-Tech games regularly $24.99 each, marked down to $6.22
1 slip and slide regularly $9.99, marked down to $6.99
3 Cranium Cadoo games regularly $15.00 each, marked down to $3.75 each (I didn't get charged for one of these but the coupon still came off without beeping. Crazy!)

Total normally for all this would have been $272.93!!! Yikes! But I ended up paying $21.08...HUGELY, GIGANTIC SAVINGS!!! (I used Target coupons on the games to get them so cheap.)
BUT, did I really need to get all of that? Did I really need to buy 4 Partini games instead of just one? Who cares that they were free? Insert a small but resounding "ME!" here. The Hyper Jumps were free...the Cranium games were free...and since these were below the $5.00 coupon, I made money for buying these!

And what makes it worse when I get home and put everything in it's place--because you have to have a place if you are going to buy that much stuff--is that I wanted to go and get more of all the things that I could get for free. Because in my mind it makes sense to get things if they are free. Nevermind that I will eventually run out of space. Nevermind that there are only so many birthday presents that you can stock up on.

Blah, blah, blah I say. Unfortunately Caleb doesn't agree with me. And this is where I need your input. Do I stock up on things when they are free? Is there such a thing as too much "free stuff"? What would you personally do? How do you draw the line on too much "free stuff"? I would definitely appreciate any comments you leave. Thanks ahead of time!!!

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Yeah I know we talked about this yesterday. Free is good I'm like you I want to maximize every deal and donate to something but at a certain point it becomes hoarding. I was almost to that point and I HATE clutter. Thus cleaned off my food storage shelves and have bags to donate to the food pantry. Decluttering is great it feels freeing in a way. The games etc. you can sell at your garage sale and you know there's no expiration date on those..heehee.:)
Yes! Yes! There is a point where enough is enough. You know me, when Caleb says enough then that should be enough.

It is fun though, this I know.

Here's the math. You made lets say $1000 divided by 52 (the weeks of the year)= $19.23 a week. Yes its true that there is a lot of things you never have to pay for but is all the running around worth 20 bucks a week?

Hope you figure it all out!
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