Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I snapped a couple pics of Ambry after we got done with our reading this morning. We have been working on some school projects. If she completes all of them, there are some really good prizes that can be won. One of the books that we read was Johnny Appleseed. Ambry had read about him previously and loved the story. We reread the story and then she had to draw a picture to go along with it.

Another thing that we had to do was read a book about poetry. I am typically NOT a fan of poetry but this book was so cute. This is Ambry's favorite poem out of the book. I highly recommend this book too. It was called "Behold the Umbrellaphant". Basically they took common day objects and an animal and combined them. The one below is called "The Tearful Zipperpotamuses". Too cute. :)

Here is what the poem says:
Regularly cry.
They seldom cease their weeping,
And they seldom even try.
They have zippers on their bellies,
On their legs and heads and backs,
But their zippers keep unzipping,
So they rarely can relax.

Stand around and mope...
If all their zippers opened,
They would surely have no hope.
Their zippers help contain them,
So they worry and they fret
That their insides will fall outside,
Though this hasn't happened yet.

Find it very hard
To keep their zippers zippered,
So they're constantly on guard.
Perhaps they wouldn't spend their days
With such a sense of dread,
If they took out all those zippers
And put buttons in instead."

See? Cute, right? Ambry was cracking up. Here is a link to the book on Amazon.


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