Monday, September 08, 2008

All right...back by the popular demand is my trip to CVS. (Oh, and one more small on in the afternoon...again). First, here is the pic of all my goodies.

Here is the list of what I got:

  1. 4 bags of Chex Mix (2 not in pic...they were all ready eaten by the animals that occupy my home.)
  2. 1 L'Oreal Skin care wipes
  3. 2 Right Guard deoderants
  4. 2 Soft and Dri deoderants
  5. 1 Revlon nail polish
  6. 4 balls
  7. 1 pair of boys sandals
  8. 1 package of rc cars (opened immediately when I got home by Jordan)
  9. 1 pair of sandals for Ambry
  10. 1 pair of sandals for Piper
  11. 4 shell shaped plates
  12. 5 pairs of goggles
  13. 1 Aussie shampoo
  14. 1 Aussie conditioner
  15. 1 Act rinse mouthwash
  16. 1 bubble shooter
  17. 1 Bayer monitor (made $5.00 in ECB's on this one!!!)
  18. 1 Arnicare pain gel
  19. 15 swim rings
  20. 1 baseball hat for Piper (not pictured)
  21. 1 football
  22. 1 pair of sandals for me
  23. 1 Renuzit triscents (not pictured)
  24. 2 Lady speedstick deoderants
  25. 1 car air freshener
  26. 1 small ball

Quite a big pile of loot right? So sweet! Anyway, I think that is all I bought. I had 5 different receipts! So...for the grand total...if I would have paid full price for some of this total would have been over $300.00!!! But with things being marked down and sales and such, I only paid $6.23 in cash, used $40.46 in ECB's, and got back $36.99 in ECB's! Woot!

Such awesome deals! These kinds of purchases are why I do CVS. The deals are just too good to pass up.

And if you're wondering what I would do with all the goggles? Well, we have a pool, so those will be put to use. The excessive amounts of swimming rings? Well, again, fun for the pool. I already blew up some for the kids to play with in the house. It is so cute how they come up with ideas and games in order to use the rings. They've used them as life rings when they were lost at sea, they were used as dog's beds...I am sure they will be able to think of even more ways in order to play with them too. :)


You and your deals never cease to amaze me.
I got some great deals as well I actually made 5.00 in ECB's woohoo. Plus got a ton of the clearance stuff I bought six of those balls for .07 a piece...what was I thinking the kids are driving me crazy with them!

I thought I would try the whole CVS thing again today. I need help. I didn't have very many coupons so I couldn't get all of the great deals, but the things that I did try to get, they were completely out of. This is the second time I've tried this with no success.

What day and time do you go? Is there a certain store that's better to go to?

Thanks for your help.
I always go Sunday morning around 7:00 so that I am back in time for churhc. Either that or go early Monday morning and you should be able to get pretty much everything. You can send me an email if you need help finding other deals.
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