Monday, July 14, 2008

A Saturday afternoon trip to the zoo with Uncle Gerrit and soon-to-be Aunt Jen.
Piper trying to pet the goat.

Gerrit with his "new pet". You might think I'm joking but he seriously wants on of these pygmy goats.

Jen and Piper with the pygmy goats. These little guys are probably our favorite things to watch and pet. They are so little and just the right size for the girls. I suppose if Gerrit and Jen really get one, I know where we will be going to get our "pet fix".

And a pic of the girls and me. I have really been trying to get more pics of Caleb and me with the girls. I have so many individual pics but not a whole lot of pics with all of us.

Can you tell we are definitely getting some use out of our zoo membership? We have even gotten Piper to recognize some of the animals. Not everything is "do-do" anymore. My 2 favorite ones that she says are, "mon-ey" for monkey and "yion" for lion.

Happy Monday!

Just a side note...this is post 200! Woot! Who would have thought I would actually stick to something this long? Certainly not I!

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Poor poor Piper! She sounds like one of my kids and needs a full body suit to cover every inch of them. The zoo looks like fun. I'm not a big fan of actually touching the animals.
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