Sunday, June 22, 2008

We took a trip to the zoo on Saturday. Between the two girls, Piper definitely enjoyed it more. Everything was "Do-do!" (Doggie!) We tried telling her the different names of the animals, but she didn't get it at all. :)

The girls petting the pygmy goats.
Ambry with a butterfly face painting.
Piper kept saying "Mmmmm" when she saw the monkeys. I think it was because the monkeys were eating when we were looking at them.
Check out the faces on these monkeys. They were really close to the glass (these were some inside a building) and they had these little old man faces. These were Ambry's favorite thing to look at. See Piper and Caleb in the background? She was also very excited.
Josh and Tara, and their nieces, Kylie and Haylie, came too. Here they were all throwing the bread to the ducks...the very squishy, year-old bread that I pulled out of the freezer that morning. Some pieces were a tad hard while others were totally mushy. Sorry guys!

Dustin and Braiden checking out the ducks. He kept trying to take a nose dive into the water.

Family pic! Caleb even looks pretty happy in this pic. :)
We purchased a membership to the zoo so we are looking forward to going there a lot on the weekends. So if anyone wants to join us, give us a call!

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You look beautiful in the family picture.
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